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Introducing Fluent In Grey

October 29, 2014


Introducing: Fluent In Grey

Fluent in Grey came to life in 2014 when singer-songwriter Anna Marcella joined forces with producer/guitarist Simon Langford to create a new project that captures an alternative feel mixed in with elements of electronic and indie pop.

Band have unveiled a stunning new video-

The combination of Anna’s catchy melodies and soft vocal, paired with Simon’s edgy and ambient production, creates a beautiful sound that ebbs and flows between dark and light, giving weight to the name, Fluent in Grey.

Marco Italia brings in a heavy bass to compliment the atmospheric rhythm played by drummer Phil Page, producing a deep groove that sits perfectly underneath the atmospheric and catchy melodies.

Fluent In Grey is Anna Marcella, Simon Langford, Marco Italia and Phil Page.

Fluent In Grey will play their debut London show at Surya on 27 November. Details here.


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