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Introducing- EndAnd “Fun Times With Shitty People” (EP) Special

October 3, 2014

Band/Artist: EndAnd
Location: Brooklyn, Gowanus
Styles: Punk Rock/ Rock
Similar to/RIYL: METZ, Pissed Jeans, Propagandhi, White Lung
CD: Fun Times With Shitty People
Release date: Sept 30, 2014


Noisy garage/punk rock from the heart of Brooklyn, New York, EndAnd have been gaining steady word-of-mouth since the Summer 2012 release of “Adventures of Fi in Space”. The band followed up with “Mechanics & Energetics of Stilt-Running” which took their sound in a more visceral, aggressive direction, earning them a headlining spot at the CMJ Festival Noise Rock stage as well as top reviews from Absolute Punk, Punk News, Sputnik Music, Property of Zack and The Aquarian.

Continuing their travels into uncompromising territory, EndAnd’s new release “Fun Times With Shitty People” barely stops to catch it’s breath.

EndAnd started in 2011 with Daniel Fern and Michael Morales. After releasing their two LPs, the band brought in bassist Dan Fogarty and recorded the Fun Times With Shitty People EP in May 2014 at Sonelab Studios.

Daniel Fern – guitar vocals
Daniel Fogarty – Bass
Mike Morales – Drums
Production: SoneLab

1. Art #1
2. Choked On Beer
3. Much and More About Everything
4. I Don’t Party
5. I Used To Eat Shit But Now I Pick It Up
6. Fuck You Congresswoman Bullshit and Your Shit Staff


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