Great Sale Day set to release debut LP ‘Wild and Chunky’ through Close To Home Records

October 16, 2014

Album Artwork Forming in Brighton in 2014 and united by their passion for 90s alt-rock, Great Sale Day, featuring friends Andrew Fisher (Basement), Ed McRae (previously of Your Demise), Daniel Frye (Unholy Majesty) and Ben Saker (Breaking Point) set out to create a project that didn’t need to be taken too seriously. Heavily influenced by the likes of Weezer, Nada Surf and The Marked Men, they came up with their impressive debut album ‘Wild and Chunky’, which will be released through Close To Home Records on the 10th November.
You can check out their track ‘Calm Down, Slow Down’, which was featured on Daniel P Carter’s Radio 1 Rock Show, here

“The band is just something fun that we decided to do while we were out for food one night” says guitarist and vocalist Andrew Fisher. “We all wanted to be in a band that wasn’t heavy and that was just about having fun and not being serious. Obviously our other bands are fun, but we’d like to think there is a bit of integrity associated with them. This is still a record we’re proud of but Great Sale Day isn’t about that. We just do whatever. It’s fun.”

Produced by Jason Fryre at Son of Sun Studios, ‘Wild and Chunky’ is a nostalgic blend of alt-rock and sees the band comfortably holding their own with their peers.


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