RESTORATIONS stream ‘Misprint’ from forthcoming album ‘LP3’ (SideOneDummy)‏

September 19, 2014


New album ‘LP3’ set for release 27th October on SideOneDummy


“LP3 finds them channeling that legacy into larger-than-life epics, rolling up the #emorevival, decades of heartland rock, and the sweeping grandeur of grown-ass indie bands like the National into an epic sound that exists on the same spectrum as the Wrens and the Hold Steady but doesn’t sound quite like any other band.” – Stereogum

“LP3 is a lush, bottom-heavy rock ‘n’ roll record with a bleeding heart way out front.” – NPR Music

Earlier this month, Philadelphia’s Restorations took the community by storm with the premiere of ‘Separate Songs‘ and its breathtaking video directed by Mitchell Wojcik and John Komar (via NPR Music). Now, the impossible-to-categorize rockers unleash another new track from LP3 called ‘Misprint‘. Destined to become a fan favourite, the song is droney in nature, thanks in part to the back-and-forth sway of the band’s impeccable rhythm section, while lead guitarist Dave Klyman’s delicate melody brightens the track and guest trombonist Benjamin Lanz (Beirut/The National) ties it all together. As a whole, the entire song serves as the ultimate showcase for singer/guitarist Jon Loudon’s damn near perfected scruffy growl.

You see, when Loudon bellows out “there’s this low hum…” — there really is. Clocking in at just under 5 minutes, ‘Misprint’ takes its time with its whirring delivery but proves it’s more than worth the wait once it reaches its unforgettable cinematic finish.

After two successful full-lengths, a number of 7’’s and special releases, Restorations made a solid choice in returning to Miner Street Studio to work with longtime friend and collaborator Jonathan Lowon LP3. Responsible for not only all of Restorations past discography, Low has also recently had a hand in the massive success of records from The National, The War On Drugs, Modern Baseball, The Menzingers, and more. The trust Low and the band has been building over the years is absolute these days and the result is a record that fills a room even when coming out of laptop speakers.

LP3 is a marriage of big sounds and meaty songwriting. Clever, sure, but strong is a better description. Pummeling and rumbling without an ounce of goonishness. Smart people going hard, Restorations has taken every potential cliché and tossed them out the window to create the most memorable and standout record of their career to date.

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