Manhack, Side Project of Face All Fears’ Thomas Crawford Releasing ‘Dominicide’ EP on 10/14; Available For Pre-Order 9/25; First Track Now Streaming‏

September 7, 2014


Manhack the side project of Face All Fears bassist Thomas Crawford, will release a 5 song EP titled ‘Dominicide’ via Autumn + Colour Records on October 14.

The EP will be availalble for pre-order on September 25.

Crawford says, “I’ve always pictured Manhack’s first release with vocals to be a group effort – numerous vocalists/friends from different bands coming in and taking part. Everything came together and we’ve got a total of 11 vocalists across 5 songs, giving this EP an unconventional dynamic appeal from track to track.”

Stream the first single “Jonesy Christ” here.

Manhack is, for the sake of disregarding pretentious sub-genres, METAL. There’s a hard hitting, in your face, straight to the point attitude found here. It’s music with zero restrictions from commercialized and trending influences.

For more Manhack updates, please visit:

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