MADNESS-‘One Step Beyond 35th Anniversary Edition’ ft. unreleased rehearsal tracks + two previously unheard songs‏

September 3, 2014


‘One Step Beyond 35th Anniversary Edition’
CD/DVD released 13th October on Salvo & Sound Vision

Original hit album digitally remastered from ¼ inch tapes. Includes unreleased rehearsal tracks with two previously unheard songs – ‘Sunshine Voice’ & ‘Lost My Head’ – promotional videos, TOTP and Old Grey Whistle Test performances & BBC ‘Young Guns’ Documentary

When Top Of The Pops rocketed Suggs, Chas, Barzo, Woody, Chrissy, Thommo and Bedders into our living rooms with ‘The Prince’ in 1979, Madness’ rise to stardom was swift. Spearheading the 2Tone Ska revival, along with The Specials, the band adopted an authentic attitude and philosophy that propelled them quickly into the charts. Fast-forward thirty five years and countless hits later, Madness are rightly considered one of the most important acts that Britain has ever produced.

Salvo Sound and Vision are pleased to announce ‘Madness: One Step Beyond 35th Anniversary Edition’, released 13th October on CD/DVD.

On its initial release, ‘One Step Beyond…’ coined the unmistakable “heavy, heavy monster sound” and catapulted the band from poky rehearsal rooms and sweaty gigs to the hearts of the nation. In truth it delivered so much more: sophisticated pop, vaudevillian vamps, English eccentrics and desert moonstomps.

The album stayed in the charts for nearly a year, cementing its position as one of the most seminal albums of the period. Featuring such classic singles as ‘The Prince’, ‘One Step Beyond’, ‘My Girl’ and ‘Night Boat To Cairo’, it blended lively ska, thoughtful pop, rockabilly roots, vaudeville music hall and bouncy-castle carnival vibes: “That Nutty Sound” was born.

Included in this special reissue are songs from a recently unearthed 1979 rehearsal cassette which shows Madness’ early songcraft, musicianship and giddy energy. Although not quite uptown Jamaica, you can clearly hear a band following their own anarchic compass from the off. Two previously unheard songs, ‘Sunshine Voice’ and ‘Lost My Head’, appear for the first time anywhere in any form and are certain to catch the interest of Madness fans the world over.

With incisive liner notes expertly written by journalist and Madness aficionado Stevie Chick, ‘Madness: One Step Beyond 35th Anniversary Edition’ also features promotional videos to ‘One Step Beyond’, ‘Bed And Breakfast Man’, ‘My Girl’ and ‘Night Boat To Cairo’, plus Top Of The Pops and Old Grey Whistle Test TV performances from 1979/80 and the 2000 BBC ‘Young Guns’ documentary. The 24 page colour booklet features band photos and memorabilia, and includes brand new interviews with producers Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley, plus three-word quotes from band members.

35 years on from its original release, ‘One Step Beyond…’ remains the rockingest rock-steady beat, the Nuttiest Sound Around.


Disc 1 / Original album

1. One Step Beyond

2. My Girl

3. Night Boat To Cairo

4. Believe Me

5. Land of Hope and Glory

6. The Prince

7. Tarzan’s Nuts

8. In the Middle of the Night

9. Bed And Breakfast Man

10. Razor Blade Alley

11. Swan Lake

12. Rockin’ in A Flat

13. Mummy’s Boy

14. Madness

15. Chipmunks Are Go!

‘Fab Toones!’ / Rehearsal Tape, 1979

16. Nutty Sounds

17. Mistakes

18. Sunshine Voice

19. My Girl

20. Memories

21. Believe Me

22. Lost My Head

23. Razor Blade Alley

24. Land Of Hope & Glory

25. Mummy’s Boy

26. In The Middle Of The Night

27. You Said

28. Stepping Into Line

29. Bed And Breakfast Man

Disc 2 / DVD

1. One Step Beyond (Video)

2. Bed And Breakfast Man (Video)

3. My Girl (Video)

4. Night Boat To Cairo (Video)

5. One Step Beyond (Top Of The Pops, 1979)

6. The Prince (Top Of The Pops, 1979)

7. My Girl (Top Of The Pops, 1980)

8. Bed And Breakfast Man (Old Grey Whistle Test, 1979)

9. Night Boat To Cairo (Old Grey Whistle Test, 1979)

10. ‘Young Guns’ Documentary (BBC, 2000)

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