LAST DAYS OF APRIL – Back with new single! (STARTRACKS)‏

September 22, 2014


Last Days Of April is back with new single! (STARTRACKS)

Karl Larsson has released records with his Last Days Of April since 1996. Up til now the impressive track record includes eight albums, tours all over the world and collaborations with artits such as Tegan Quin, Evan Dando and Felled Trees. The critics have all hailed him and in 2007 a compilation with Japanese artists’ takes on Karl’s material was released.

The sound of Last Days Of April has evolved from record to record – from youth’s despair and hardcore influences during the nineties to the more mature sound of later records. The new material which you’re about to listen to is in the same vein as “Gooey” from 2010 and “79” from 2012 – a sound rooted in American music culture. 2014 will see two new songs from Last Days Of April – pop songs filled with hope and recorded organically, more or less live at legendary Atlantis Grammofon in Stockholm.

”Someone for Everyone” is the first track released and it’s out NOW on all digital platforms.

LISTEN TO “Someone for Everyone” on SOUNDCLOUD:

LISTEN TO “Someone for Everyone” on SPOTIFY:
Last Days Of April – Someone For Everyone

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