September 8, 2014


Arkansas native Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne has joined the Autumn + Colour roster and to celebrate the label is offering a 3-song EP titled ‘Platte City Sun Sessions’ as a FREE download on their website.

JM is working hard on writing and recording new material that will be released by A+C later this year.

Taking cues from legends like Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and Nick Cave while putting his own twist on things, Lansdowne cut his teeth on the road touring in other bands and is now on his own sharing his personal tales of love and loss.

Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD.


01. Porcelain Rain

02. Arkadelphia

03. January


09/05 – North Charleston, SC – The Mill

09/05 – Charleston, SC – The Royal American

09/23 – Chicago, IL – Red Line Tap

09/24 – Elkhart, IN – New Paradigm

09/25 – Three Oaks, MI – Acorn Theater

09/26 – Chicago, IL – Reggies’s Music Joint

09/27 – Muskegon, MI – Russell Block

09/28 – Marion, IN – Beatniks Cafe

09/29 – Dyer, IN – White Rhino

09/30 – Chicago, IL – Elbo Room

10/03 – Lincoln, NE – CASK

10/04 – Omaha, NE – Side Door Lounge

10/07 – Lincoln, NE – Lincoln Calling

10/11 – Lincoln, NE – Lincoln Calling

“As I was sitting in Whispertone Studios working on demos for my new upcoming full-length record, Platte City Sun, for Autumn + Colour, I was wrapping up the first 3 demos and it was like one of those animated light bulb ideas went off in my head. I picked up the phone and called my A&R guy, Travis J. Groo (Music+Marketing) and asked him, “What if we did a free 3 song sampler to pass out while I’m working on the record and about to leave for tour – to have something to pacify during the wait?” Travis began expressing that he really liked the idea and that he’d like to run it by Todd Richard Stevens (Business+Operations) to see if we can get the idea off the ground. So here we are. Three songs into pre-production and the engine turned. The first demo I recorded, “Porcelain Rain,” was then followed by “Arkadelphia” and “January.” Immediately I felt connected to where the direction of this record was going. I am intrigued to hear and see what happened during this process. I sat on the couch with a notebook full of lyrics on the coffee table with my resonator guitar at my side, coffee was brewing, and the miscellaneous inspiration devices (dictionaries, tobacco, Coca-Cola, etc.) were all at arm’s reach as I began setting my journey into the making of Platte City Sun. This expedition called for the arrangements of music and lyrics, late nights that crawl into the morning hours of recording, the in-between time spent on the road touring; ultimately welcoming the room to shape, mold, and grow as an artist and songwriter. A toast; to Platte City Sun.” ~Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne


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