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September 5, 2014


Reveal special guests on new album ‘Blood In, Blood Out’

 Special guests include: Kirk Hammett (METALLICA), Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT), and Dan the Automator (GORILLAZ, MIKE PATTON/LOVAGE, DELTRON 3030)

Bay Area thrash metal provocateurs EXODUS proudly announce the special guests appearing on their latest showcase of unrefined rage ‘Blood In, Blood Out’, the band’s tenth studio album due out on October 13th.

 Crafting an industrial sound bed on the intro to the album opener ‘Black 13’ is electronic music producer Dan the Automator(GORILLAZMIKE PATTON/LOVAGEDELTRON 3030).

 “We ran into each other a couple times,” shares EXODUS guitarist & songwriter Gary Holt. “I knew what I wanted to hear and I knew he could do it, and could do it that day. So we sent him a file with the drums and guitars we already had there and just told him to go crazy with it.”

TESTAMENT frontman Chuck Billy lends his signature roar to the track ‘BTK’, one of the first songs recorded by returning vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza, who recently said, Chuck and I have known each other forever. We work really well together, we know each other really well. So if I’m doing my vocals and he’s there, I can trust him to go ‘No way Zet, doesn’t sound good like that. Do it like this’, or ‘Yeah that’s killer’. If he says it sounds killer, I know it is.”

Original band guitarist Kirk Hammett (METALLICA) contributed a solo to ‘Salt The Wound’.

“This was actually the first time Kirk got to play on an official EXODUS release,” states Holt “He did the early demo, and then joined Metallica and didn’t do anything with us after that. So he was totally gung-ho about it. He came down and ripped out a bunch of takes and we picked the best one and then had a barbecue and drank beer.”

“It felt really casual, really cool – just like it did back in 1980 when we were all just hanging out back in the day”Hammett confessed in July.

Produced by Andy Sneap (ACCEPTKREATORMEGADETH), ‘Blood In, Blood Out’ features cover illustration by Swedish artist Par Olofsson (PSYCROPTICABYSMAL DAWNREVOCATION).

Pre-order this exclusive CD/DVD or Vinyl bundle at to have your name printed on the poster alongside other fan’s names! Pre-order by 23.59PM on Tuesday 30th September to have your name included:
An example of what the poster will look like can be seen below:



You can also pre-order an exclusive limited edition green double vinyl at the Nuclear Blast UK Store here:



Tracklisting for ‘Blood In, Blood Out’ reads as follows:

01 – Black 13 (featuring Dan the Automator)

02 – Blood In, Blood Out

03 – Collateral Damage

04 – Salt The Wound (featuring Kirk Hammett)

05 – Body Harvest

06 – BTK (featuring Chuck Billy)

07 – Wrapped In The Arms Of Rage

08 – My Last Nerve

09 – Numb

10 – Honor Killings

11 – Food For The Worms

BONUS DVD includes:

-‘Blood Upon The Goat’ making-of footage

The digital version of ‘Blood In, Blood Out’ will include the digital bonus track ‘Angel Of Death’ (ANGEL WITCH cover).

The album’s Japanese edition includes the ‘Protect Not Dissect bonus track featuring Rat from THE VARUKERS/DISCHARGE. | |

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