AVERSIONS CROWN: Lyric Video, Release Date and Track Listing Revealed‏

September 29, 2014
Thomas Savage

Thomas Savage


AVERSIONS CROWN: Lyric Video, Release Date and Track Listing Revealed!

Six-headed death machine, AVERSIONS CROWN, will unleash their Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut this November! Tyrant will be released on November 17 (UK) on digital and physical formats.

Tyrant, the follow-up to the band’s 2011 debut Servitude, was created in the oppressive heat of Brisbane’s summer with THY ART IS MURDER’s Andy Marsh producing and Mark Lewis (WHITECHAPEL, CARNIFEX) of Audio Hammer mixing. With a thematic fixation on dystopian nightmares and hostile extraterrestrial encounters, the relentless barrage AVERSIONS CROWN churn out across these ten songs will soundtrack either a solid Halo session or the coming invasion. The striking artwork was created by Swedish visionary Pär Olofsson, who has worked with acts like PYSCROPTIC, ABORTED, ABYSMAL DAWN and THE FACELESS.

The lyric video for the band’s latest slab of astral punishment, “The Glass Sentient”, is also available here 

Tyrant track listing:

1. Hollow Planet
2. The Glass Sentient
3. Conqueror
4. Vectors
5. Earth Steriliser
6. Avalanche
7. Xenoforms
8. Overseer
9. Controller
10. Faith Collapsing

Formed in 2010 in Queensland’s Brisbane, the same sunny stretch of Australian coastline as PORTAL and THE AMITY AFFLICTION, AVERSIONS CROWN developed their pummeling blend of mechanized brutality and haunting atmospherics by utilizing three guitarists brandishing 8-string guitars. Appearing live as a wall of muscle, guitars and flailing hair, the band have logged serious road miles across Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom with acts like THY ART IS MURDER, THE ACACIA STRAIN, OCEANO, ALL SHALL PERISH, CATTLE DECAPITATION and appearances at Warped Tour.

The late 2014 impact of Tyrant will follow the viral success of the album’s first video “Hollow Planet.” Originally self-released as a stand-alone single, the video’s crushing bombast and sinister visuals have helped it rack up almost half a million views to date. Check out the “Hollow Planet” video here:

AVERSIONS CROWN is: Colin Jeffs – Vocals, Chris Cougan – Guitar, Jay Coombs – Bass, Jayden Mason – Drums, Hayden Lee – Guitar, Mick Jeffery – Guitar.


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