Acre Tarn Debut EP Clasp & Shake Out 29th September- Streaming in Full

September 18, 2014



“enchantingly haunting” – THE MUSIC NINJA
“I can’t deny the obscure but intriguing nature of Acre Tarn” – INDIE SHUFFLE
“Experimental pop has never flowed quite as smoothly as in the music from the UK duo Acre Tarn. Just beginning what is sure to be an expansive journey through a morphing genre.” – EARMILK
“We are a sum of two halves, founded by chance and brought together to realise our musical craft. We’re not afraid of anything when we unleash our imagination, we love beauty and we want to create something beautiful. We’re explorers.” – ACRE TARN
Debut EP Clasp & Shake out on the 29th of September via Tri-Tone

Artistic stunners and creative pilgrims, Acre Tarn are an unwaving and unabashed duo borne from the fiery embers of past experiences, bound together with an unnerving love for the innovative and the potential of artistic exploration.

Acre Tarn are the global collective mindset for the creative and the glorious, standing as two people yet representing a voice for a voiceless legion. Enormous sounds swallow up and envelop the listener, allowing deep composition to seep and eventually delve into the mind, less of a daydream prod but more of a call to artistic armament. The power of Acre Tarn to bowl-over fans with their gorgeously soft-yet-infinitely-powerful beats is in leaving disciples gobsmacked, like a feather cutting through concrete.

Acre Tarn’s DNA is thumping with electronic precision, beating with heartfelt blood of to-the-bone songwriting and growling with sampling tenacity. Their profound sounds feel like something from the delves of the subconscious, yet pang as being real with a wonderful ache; a lucid dream you could have sworn was more real than reality.

Acre Tarn release debut EP Clasp & Shake on the 29th of September through Tri-Tone

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