Plug In Stereo Announces New Self-Titled Album Out September 2nd

August 28, 2014


Plug In Stereo Announces New Self-Titled Album Out September 2; Final Release Before Retiring Project and Moving On To A Solo Project

Plug In Stereo has announced a September 2 release for a new 10 track, self-titled album, the final release before retiring the project and moving on to a new solo project.

Plug In Stereo mastermind/multi-instrumentalist Trevor Dahl explains:

This album explores just about everything in my life that has happened since I started Plug In Stereo. I wrote “Better Off Alone” when leaving high school, I wrote “Give It Up” when my girlfriend and I broke up, I wrote “Hey There Little Bird” when I felt like giving up, etc, So the album is really going to let people know more about my personal life. I’ve been working on this collection of songs for a long long time. Some songs were written this year, some of them are 4 years old. I just wanted this album to be full of the best/most meaningful songs I’ve written since I started this project 6 years ago.

Six years is a long time, and a lot has changed since I started. I was 15 and it all started on accident. I was just making songs and putting them up on the Internet hoping people would listen, and somehow, you guys did. It went from a hobby to something that completely consumed my life in a matter of months, and I’ve had the most amazing experiences of my life so far because of the people I’ve gotten to meet and places I’ve gotten to perform. To anyone that has bought a CD, came to a show, or even just listened to one of my songs, I can’t thank you enough for supporting me.. you’ve truly changed my life. But having said that, I’ve had to go through some stuff this last couple years that has taken some of the fun out of it for me. I signed to a label, and it just wasn’t the experienced I was hoping for. I want to release music because I love creating it, but I haven’t been able to release music freely which has really been a bummer for me. I felt a lot of pressure about needing to have the right songs to make the label happy, but that’s not what music should be about. Songs should be felt and not forced. I write songs just about everyday, but I’ve only been able to release a handful of them. I’ve progressed and explored as a writer and I find myself starting to stray away from the style of songs I’ve written in the past for Plug In Stereo. With a heavy heart, I’m announcing that this is going to be the last Plug In Stereo album for a long time, and maybe forever.

It feels like it’s time to start a new chapter, with a new style of music. I just want to have fun again with creating songs. I want to be able to make whatever I feel like making without worrying about what anybody thinks besides my fans.
For my next chapter, I’ll be putting out music as Trevor Dahl. I’ve already written an album’s worth of music and I’ll be releasing more new music than ever now, so get excited.

I hope you love this last Plug In Stereo album and you get ready for my new project coming very soon. Once again, thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart.


Track Listing

1. Better Off Alone

2. Priceless

3. Hey There Little Bird

4. The Little Things

5. I Hope You Know

6. Burn Out

7. Love Is A Word

8. Watcha Do To Me

9. Truth

10. Give It Up

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