Peaking Lights remix Cash+David ‘Pulse’‏

August 29, 2014


New Single: ‘Pulse’ out now
Label: +Ones  to watch for  the future Shortlist
Cash+David have a habit of absorbing a myriad of influences and channelling them into their own crazed, hyperactive pop DIY Magazine
Cash+David again deliver bewildering and impulsive multi-faceted music The Line of Best Fit
Pulsating, psychedelic pop music Nylon Magazine
Make  sure to  follow Cash+David on their journey towards greatness Hilly Dilly
Thrillingly anthemic i-D MagazineCash+David create beats that echo the repetition of the sedated suburban terraced houses that surround their solitary shed studio. This co-operative garage band fractures their history and pieces together a modern day antidote to the manufactured, pre-packaged status quo.

Cash+David emerged earlier this year with breakout single ‘Funn’ (self-released through their own + label), replete with Sleighbells and Polica-referencing slabs of crunch guitar and distorted vocals, which soon drew C+D various tastemaker tips and  a HypeM top 10  spot. Follow-up ‘Pulse’ proved their immaculate, genre-distilling production to be no fluke, with disembodied snatches of Cash’s vocals riding atop compulsive  synth and bongo loops.

Listen to the new Cash+David remix from Peaking Lights below. Fresh from announcing their new album Cosmic Logic, the husband-and-wife pysch pop duo have remixed ‘Pulse’, the new single from London electronic duo Cash+David. A previous no.1 on HypeM, here Peaking Lights give Pulse’s bass-heavy Eastern loops a clinical, four on the floor re-work:

Cash+David -Starting out as a singular moody electric guitar stem ‘Pulse’, a five minute bass/house loop was worked into a propelling three minute synth pop track with Eastern influences and pulsing guitars and synths. The western pop duo brought together a cluster fuck of genres from world to glitch to pop to create this vibrant indie disco anthem.
This enigmatic band releases material exclusively online on their own label +, their first single‘Funn’ released March this year got a load of love from the blogs and tastemaker sites and was championed by Lauren Laverne on 6Music. It was accompanied by a video expressing Cash+David as two epicene dancers dressed up as Johnny Cash and David Bowie.
The trans-genre rebellious duo, complement each other with their different approaches to making beat laden experimental pop music. Cash is grammatical, adding sparkle and clarity to synths, locking rhythms and eloquently programming David’s scruffy, distorted, trashy guitars and Eastern world music patterns. The polarising duo aligned on discovering a mutual love of Bacon, Dylan Thomas and B movies, a partnership concreted by their shared birthday. From David’s logic sketches and Cash’s pro-tools dexterity came a flourish of indie guitar, house beat, world rhythm, tribal rock and trashy pop tracks.



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