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August 13, 2014


· 2 CD + DVD Box Set / Digital download
· 14 x 7” Vinyl Box Set + 60 page hardbound photographic book edited by Film director Elaine Constantine

“This is a story of a youth culture that changed a generation and influenced songwriters, producers, DJs and designers for decades to come. This is the story of Northern Soul.” 

Harmless Records is pleased to announce its involvement with the soundtrack to youth culture film of the year, the forthcoming film, ‘Northern Soul”’ directed by Elaine Constantine.  Considered the most accurate portrayal yet of this legendary musical movement, ‘Northern Soul’ is an authentic and uplifting tale of two friends whose horizons are opened up by the discovery of black American soul music.

The story of Northern Soul is one of total immersion, dedication and devotion. Finding its heart in the north of England in the late 1960s, the music of 1960s-70s black American soul singers combined with distinctive dance styles where devotees pushed their bodies, their finances and sometimes their minds to brutal and unforgiving extremes. Based around all night, alcohol-free club nights, arranged by the fans themselves, the plain concept of the ‘night out’ was elevated to sacramental dimensions and it set the blueprint for future club culture.

Released 15th September, ‘Northern Soul: The Film Soundtrack’ is a 2CD + DVD package which celebrates all the key Northern Soul tracks from the film, including two of the most iconic and cherished soul recordings from the golden age of Northern Soul; James Fountain’s ‘Seven Day Lover’ and The Montclair’s ‘Hung Up On Your Love’.

CD2 consists of carefully chosen Northern Soul tracks by the film director Elaine Constantine whilst the additional DVD features bonus film material including an exclusive interview with Elaine by actor James Lance who plays top Northern Soul DJ Ray Henderson in the film. The package also comes with a 20 page booklet written by Gareth Sweeney – co-author of the bestselling accompanying book to the film.

With 7” vinyl at the epicentre of the Northern Soul scene and original records still establishing world-record prices in collecting circles, Harmless Records has also issued a collector’s 7” vinyl edition of the soundtrack, released 15th September.

All tracks from the film soundtrack have been exclusively licensed including one bonus track for 14 x 7” discs in full pic-sleeves featuring key scenes from the film, together with a specially commissioned 60 page hardback book of film stills edited and re-touched by Elaine herself.

Housed in a solid collector’s box, these 14 discs present 28 of the greatest Northern Soul classics of all-time, many of which are making their legal UK release for the very first time including Lou Pride, Gwen Owens, Freddy Chavez, The Luther Ingram Orchestra, Eddie Parker, The Salvadors and Sam Dees.



2 CD + DVD Box Set 

CD1: Northern Soul: The Soundtrack 

1.             Time                                                                                       –               Edwin Starr

2.             Stick by Me Baby                                                                 –               The Salvadores

3.             Back Street                                                                           –               Edwin Starr

4.             The Night                                                                              –               Frankie Valli

5.             I’m Com’un Home In The Morn’un                                  –               Lou Pride

6.             Too Late                                                                                –               Larry Williams & Johnny Watson

7.             Soul Time                                                                             –               Shirley Ellis

8.             You Don’t Mean It                                                                –               Towanda Barnes

9.             Exus Trek                                                                              –               Luther Ingram

10.          Tear Stained Face                                                               –               Don Varner

11.          Lonely For You Baby                                                          –               Sam Dees

12.          I Gotta Find Me Somebody                                                –               The Velvets

13.          Crying Over You                                                                  –               Duke Browner

14.          They’ll Never Know Why                                                    –               Freddy Chavez

15.          (Just Say) you’re Wanted and Needed                           –               Gwen Owens

16.          I Really Love You                                                                 –               The Tomangoes

17.          Time Will Pass You by                                                        –               Tobi Legend

18.          Come on Train                                                                     –               Don Thomas

19.          I’m Gone                                                                               –               Eddie Parker

20.          Right Track                                                                            –               Billy Butler

21.          Your autumn of Tomorrow                                                –               The Crow

22.          If This Is Love                                                                       –               The Precisions

23.          This Love Starved Heart of Mine (It’s Killing Me)          –               Marvin Gaye

24.          Suspicion                                                                              –               The Originals

25.          Seven Day Lover                                                                 –               James Fountain

26.          Turning My Heartbeat Up                                                  –               The MVP’s

27.          Gone With The Wind Is My Love                                      –               Rita & The Tiaras

CD2: Northern Soul: Further Inspiration from Elaine Constantine

1.             Blowing My Mind to Pieces                                               –               Bob Relf

2.             If You Ever Walked Out Of My Life                                   –               Dena Barnes

3.             As Long as You Love Me (I’ll Stay)                                  –               Ronnie & Robyn

4.             You Don’t Love Me                                                              –               Epitome Of Sound

5.             I Just Can’t Live My Life (Without You Babe)                 –               Linda Jones

6.             What Good Am I without You                                            –               Darrow Fletcher

7.             I Surrender                                                                            –               Eddie Holman

8.             Please Stay                                                                          –               The Ivories

9.             I Don’t Like To Lose                                                            –               The Group feat Cecil Washington

10.          In Love                                                                                   –               Tony Galla

11.          I Was Born To Love You                                                     –               Herbert Hunter

12.          The Chase Is On                                                                  –               Johnny Howard

13.          You Left Me                                                                          –               The Admirations

14.          Ain’t Gonna Run No More                                                  –               The Royal Esquires

15.          My Lonely Feeling                                                               –               Milton James

16.          Little Love Affair                                                                  –               Patrinell Staten

17.          Love Slave                                                                            –               The Antellects

18.          Hanging in                                                                            –               John Harris & The Soul Sayers

19.          Can You Win                                                                        –               Charlene & The Soul Serenaders

20.          Suffering Wrath                                                                   –               Rudy Love

21.          She’ll Come Running Back                                               –               Mel Britt

22.          Love Factory                                                                         –               Eloise Laws

23.          Keep on Running Away                                                     –               Bits N’ Pieces

24.          It Really Hurts Me Girl                                                         –               The Carstairs

25.          Hung Up on Your Love                                                       –               The Montclairs

(Plus more tracks to be confirmed shortly)

DVD: Interview with Elaine Constantine – Director of Northern Soul + Extras

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