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August 12, 2014


Dunedin’s punk sons of the modern age, Die! Die! Die! will be releasing their fifth albumSWIM on 6th October and have shared a slice of things to come with the unveiling of the video for ‘Get Hit’.  The concept for the pugilism-themed clip came from frontman, Andrew Wilson and has been interpreted for the screen by director Ryan Harte of Slow Pulse Studios.  The track speaks about fighting your demons which has been illustrated by a boxer fending off an invisible opponent, and while he catches a few blows to the face he is ultimately left standing.
Watch the video to ‘Get Hit’ HERE
SWIM is an 11-track opus formed from the wall-sweat of Europe’s best clubs and scratched off the tour van floor.  Produced by the band and Chris Townend  (Portishead, D12, Violent Femmes) from The Lab in Auckland to Lightship 95 in London,SWIM’s sparse geographical consummation is as expansive as their definition of punk and pop music.

As an internet acronym for ‘someone who isn’t me’, SWIM’s title suggests that Wilson is stepping out of his own comfort zone lyrically and bringing new themes and broader strokes to the mighty crash and boom of Die! Die! Die!’s sound.

SWIM will be released on 6th October 2014 via Smalltown America.

Die! Die! Die! are: 
Andrew Wilson (vocals/guitar), Michael Logie (bass) and Michael Prain (drums).

1. Swim | 2. Out of Mind | 3. Crystal | 4. Best | 5. Get Hit | 6. Don’t Try | 7. Angel
8. She’s Clear | 9. Trigger | 10. Jealousy | 11. Sister | 12. Mirror

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