LUNA GREEN – “Sussh (Havana Version)” OUT NOW!‏

August 29, 2014


LUNA GREEN – “Sussh (Havana Version)” OUT NOW!

Luna Green released her critically acclaimed debut album in November 2013 and was quickly labled as “possible newcomer of the year” by Swedish music biz publication Luna performed live at national Swedish radio, got into the college radio top ten and did an extensive tour highlighted by performances at the Love & Peace Festival in Havana, Cuba. The new album, “Swedish Strawberries”, was released worldwide just half a year after the debut, on May 7th, and the critics immediately noticed a more mature, a powerful artist – both as a writer and singer. Blogs quickly called her “a Swedish Lana Del Ray”.

Since the album release Luna’s been on tour with a fast growing fan base in Sweden, but has also done two recording sessions over in Havana, Cuba. And from those sessions the new version of “Sussh” is taken. It’s recorded with Cuban musicians and adds a new flavor to the “Swedish Strawberries”-track. This release closes this album cycle, but we’ll have more news for you on Luna’s autumn soon! Stay tuned!

”There is an instant accessibility to what she does, but the songs are strong enough not just to fade into a beige background soundtrack; there’s a marked quality to this music” – The Sound Of Confusion (UK)

”Green’s rich musical flavours take you on a magical musical journey” – Americana UK (UK)

”It’s sophisticated pop by an artist who’s been critically acclaimed in her homeland and who looks set to cast her spell further afield.” – Von Pips Musical Express (UK)

”With reverb and a certain late night sophistication clearly evident, Luna Green elevates her song into something both urban and ethereal at the same time” – Bluesbunny (UK)

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