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Jealous Lovers Club + Juxtaposed MicroFestival Special Artist Recap – Cleft

August 7, 2014

1978895_611489728932586_2580690558068820796_nEarlier this year and kick starting the live scene into it’s festival season, we had the pleasure in attending and the honor of sponsoring a brand new MicroFestival. Jealous Lovers Club, the renowned and much loved promoters teamed up with Juxtaposed Club Nights to provide what was one of the best live events this year held at the prolific Gwdihw– in association with Circuit Sweet and Cardiff’s Quench Magazine.

The entire day was nothing but perfection! With 12 acts playing across two stages, all of which adding to the uplifting atmosphere. The day was full of talented artists showcasing their abilities to the venue, each act was another to discover and to fall in love with.

Main Stage – Sponsored by Quench
Nai Harvest
How I Faked The Moon Landing

2nd Stage – Sponsored by Circuit Sweet
Totem Terrors
Her Parents

Kick starting the event on the main stage on the day, the Quench stage, vivacious duo Cleft. Cleft were simply the right act to open the stage with, uniting the crowd to stand and listen in awe at the talent before them. Cleft are a  turbo-prog two-piece band from Manchester consisting of Dan on guitar and John on drums. Together they create an intense explosion of filthy instrumental rock. Their set in it’s entirety, simply put- huge. Each track more thunderous and more impressive than the last.  This hard hitting duo are creating something phenomenal and are a must see live.


Oli Montez Circuit Sweet Oli Montez Circuit Sweet Oli Montez Circuit Sweet Oli Montez Circuit Sweet Oli Montez Circuit SweetFollowing their mighty performance we got to the pair to find out how they felt their set went and what or who they were looking forward to seeing throughout the day.

Jealous Lovers Club + Juxtaposed MicroFestival-CLEFT from Circuit Sweet Media on Vimeo.

We’ve got plenty more artist features to follow but until then make sure you go and check out Cleft and of course the wonderful Jealous Lovers Club.


  All images by  Oli Montez.
Email for copies/permission of use.



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