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Fractions Reveal Second Single “Burst”

August 28, 2014



Fractions – Fractions EP released via Edils Recordings on September 29th

North-East five-piece Fractions are set to release their ethereal self-titled EP this September. A momentous piece developed from sweat, blood and glorious determination, this is Fractions’ debut EP and marks the beginning of an exciting new future for the bourgeoning outfit.

Originally a concept for creative outpouring with no concern of marketability or listener numbers, Fractions has roamed gloriously feral amongst the subconscious outback of its originators. This endless freedom reverberates in the EPs sound; an untamed beast basking in its unbridled and limitless landscape. With Fractions organically becoming an increasingly honed and sleek sound over a number of years, steps are now being taken to concentrate more on developing the band and revealing their output to the world.

On describing the mindset of Fractions, guitarist Martin Downing explains it as “a combination of all of our individual strengths rolled into one. We are all fractions of Fractions as we all contribute our own part to what you hear”. A large majority of Fractions’ work is created by its member’s sending work back and forth between each other in secluded home studios, building on each other’s brilliance to create a single entity that is truly great. This insular working environment reflects the multi-disciplined and novel sound of Fractions, above and immune to external pressures or influences.

With their music concentrating heavily on the notions of isolation and abandonment, Fractions take real-world grit and steel and back it up with elegant poise; are a flawless rose wrapped in barbed wire. Into The Earth laments the end of youth whilst Burst highlights how truth is a thin veil purposely chosen by others. One of Fractions’ most poignant pieces, Resist, is a melancholic wonder, focusing on the inevitable onset of old age. Based in the North-East of England, a region that has suffered more than most in the recent economic downturn, Fraction’s EP reminds the listener, in their 21st century insta-happiness ideology and app-savvy stupor, that the real world isn’t always bright mundane skies but is often filled with beautiful, poignant and breathtaking tears.

Fractions’ debut EP will be released on Edils Records (Liverpool) on September the 29th on both physical and digital formats.

facebook.com/fractionsofthenorth | soundcloud.com/fractionsuk | https://twitter.com/Fractionsuk

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