Dewy Sinatra shares new track ‘Three Weeks’, debut EP out 1st September‏

August 23, 2014


Dewy Sinatra

Shares new track ‘Three Weeks”

Debut EP ‘Wasted Youth’ out 1st September via free download

London based solo artist Dewy Sinatra has shared new track, ‘Three Weeks’. Listen here.

Following up ‘Questions’, the new track is also taken from his debut EP ‘Wasted Youth’ out 1st September via free download at:

First garnering acclaim with ‘I Need Luv’, the first track to emerge from Dewy, it was clear his sound jumped out from the pack. Merging electronic influences with his origins in Hip-Hop, the ‘Wasted Youth’ EP is the result of months collaborating with different producers, developing his sound and experimenting with different production techniques.

The subject matter of the EP is centred on “late night thinking” and “searching for that higher love…chasing faith.” Dewy captures a sonic representation of how contradicting emotions can be, whilst keeping it vocally intimate throughout. Sparse yet expansive, the overriding aesthetic across ‘Wasted Youth’ is a balanced sound that boasts a sense of youthful maturity.


Tracklist: 1. Questions, 2. Round & Round, 3. Three Weeks, 4. I Need Luv

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