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August 11, 2014

0f375a04-31db-4a1e-b45e-8edb1b627e01BOSTON MANOR announce new six track EP ‘Driftwood’
Set for release through Failure By Design Records on 13th October, 2014
UK tour dates in August
MUSIC VIDEO for ‘Peach State’ now online:

Blackpool’s Boston Manor have announced that they’ll release a new six track EP ‘Driftwood’ on 13th October through Failure By Design Records. The first track to be unveiled from the EP is ‘Peach State’, the video for which has just been released and is watchable here. This is the band’s second release, following their ‘Here/Now’ EP.  The five-piece will also be hitting the road throughout August. Dates below.

The overriding theme of ‘Driftwood’ is starting afresh and moving into a new chapter of your life; graduating into adulthood. Intro track ‘Saltwater’ sets the tone of the release in a short sharp manner.  The title track encompasses the overall feel of the EP with a look at the fine line between adolescence and adulthood; that awkward post-university transition into real life. As Henry, the band’s vocalist, explains “most of us have just finished University, we’re in between houses/jobs and are still trying to figure out what’s next.” In fact, it’s such a fitting representation of where the band is currently at that they chose to use one of its lyrics for the EP title.

Despite mostly revolving around looking toward the future, there are some more negative aspects to this collection of tracks. According to Henry, ‘Peach State’ “is a pretty negative song. It’s about knowing when to relinquish your faith in someone and only fully trust a person if you’re absolutely certain that they have your best interests at heart. We had some bad experiences with someone who offered to help us early on but instead just wasted a lot of our time. I suppose, in a sense, it’s also about trusting yourself to get stuff done rather than relying on other people.” 

Elsewhere on the EP, Boston Manor tackle people who base their life choices on how it will make them look, friends who’ve made bad choices and letting go of certain aspects of your life. There’s no doubt that there’ll be something here for every individual to relate to lyric-wise. And the band back it all up with driven bursts of punk-rock vitality. Basically, the ideal recipe for sing-alongs aplenty.

August 13th-The Undertone, Cardiff
August 14th-The Stag & Hounds, Bristol
August 15th-The Fishbowl, Brighton
August 16th-The Rathaus, Southampton
August 17th-Tiki Bar, Plymouth
August 30th-The Fenton, Leeds

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Henry Cox-Vocals  #  Ash Wilson-Guitar  #  Dan Cunniff-Bass  #  Mike Cunniff-Guitar  #  Jordan Pugh-Drums

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