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Esuna- May You Be Well EP Special

July 10, 2014

1535695_739766969379806_1545367873763419214_nCardiff based quartet Esuna have just unveiled their new 5 track EP ‘May You Be Well‘- and what a momentous release for the four.

Esuna consist of Howard Dyer -Vocals + Guitar, Kieran Rees- Guitar, Josh Taylor- Vocals + Bass and Joseff Neale on Drums.  Having first discovered the band during a captivating performance kick starting the Circuit Sweet stage at this years Jealous Lovers Club + Juxtaposed Mini-Festival (feature to follow), we knew we were in for a treat. The moment the musicians hit that first note, we fell in love with this vivacious act, and by hearing their new release you will too.

‘May You Be Well’ Tracklisting :
1. Sleep
2. Summerfall
3. The Hit, The Fall
4. Maturity
5. Later Days

Recorded May 17-18th 2014 at the ATRiuM, Cardiff. Produced by Josh Taylor.

May You Be Well is the perfect math rock indie pop mix. The release is a credit to the musicians captivating their talents. In it’s entirety the record boasts precise instrumentation and emotive vocals. Even during the more heavier sections during the compositions, Esuna have created a somewhat delicate and innocent release- this innocence compels the listener.

Each composition is unpredictable from a few mellow bars, stop start drum beats, buyout bass notes and noodling guitars to something more abrasive and fierce. Each track progresses with ease with the aid of upbeat, twinkly and illustrious riffs and ample percussion. This is combined with alluring vocals, melancholy lyrics and haunting melodies. May You Be Well from start to finish is addictive. The quartet have defined the art of fusing together various influences and genres to create that perfect Esuna sound.

Esuna are bursting with potential and are a name you will hear a lot more of and here at Circuit Sweet we urge you to indulge in their music. The fact that the band are creating and producing something this intelligent for such a young band, in terms of their existence indicates there’s even more incredible releases still ahead for the four and we look forward to sharing this.



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