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We Believe in Little League Records- New Release Announcement- Lee Wanner

June 18, 2014

l.phpWe believe in Little League Records. We believe in their releases and we certainly approve of their latest announcement/addition/pre-order to their back catalog. We are delighted to announce their latest talent to their seemingly endless roster – Lee Wanner.

Lee Wanner, the innovator behind the incredibly impressive experimental-metal band Rejectionary Art, has teamed up with Little League records to re-release his debut solo album on cassette June 21st.

Back in 2012, Lee Wanner unveiled his debut solo album ‘Kids Today And Their Loud Jazz Music’, a stand out release with its intellectual song structures combined with it’s fresh take on jazz fusion. The album features Marco Minnemann on drums, Lee on guitar, delicate vocals by Laura Vall and Ric  Fierabracci on bass (Chick Corea, Dave Weckl). A release which has captured a late 70’s essence yet is conveyed way ahead of it’s time.

Side A Tracklisting:

1. Why Are You Doing This To Me?
2. Only Audrey Would Know
3. Become The Universe
4. Dancing Sirens
5. Grief
6. Solace

As a special re-release, the B-side to this Little League effort is Lee’s new album ‘Vanilla Suburb’.

Side B Tracklisting:

1. Drhama D-Hop
2. People Can “Transcend” Reason
3. Something’s Missing
4. Innerspace Travel
5. Loco-Motive
6. I Hear Myself
7. The Human B-Side
8. Original Troll
9. Unstoppable

You can listen to ‘Only Audrey Would Know’ taken from the release exclusively steaming below-

FFO: Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck,  Weather Report

Make sure you add this sensational release to your collection out June 21st on Little League Records.

LLR is an online record label catering to all types of alternative, experimental and unique music, from all around the globe and have a brilliant taste in music!- Over the last year Little League Records have had one rewarding month followed by the next. As the label have released more artists, more records than you can imagine. This year they prove unstoppable- this is a label home to talent, passion and excellent workmanship, the perfect label with a lot of potential and one that you will be thankful for.


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