my grey horse stream video for ‘Days Shall Follow’. Debut album ‘I Still Don’t Understand’ out 28th July on CRC Music‏

June 3, 2014


my grey horse
stream video for ‘Days Shall Follow out 21st July on CRC Music
debut album ‘I Still Don’t Understand’ out 28th July on CRC Music

‘I Still Don’t Understand’, the debut album from my grey horse, is peppered with poetic, emotive lyrics, sung atop of layered harmonies, swirling surf guitars and sweeping melodies. Released on 28th July, it is, according to the band, “In the most direct way possible, about ‘do you ever really learn anything?’, ‘do you ever change as a person’.”

“The sound of ‘I Still Don’t Understand’ was very important,” says Peter Butler, whose brothers John and Oobah are also in the band. “We wanted the instruments to sound honest and like the instruments they are, in the room they’re recorded in. This was all part of being true to the themes and songs of the album. We didn’t want anything to be over produced at all, so we recorded really quickly in an old cylindrical Hop Kiln in Hampshire onto analogue tape.”

At the end of last year, my grey horse, who signed to CRC Music in 2012, took some time out of relentlessly gigging up and down the UK, to hole themselves up inside a log cabin near the Forest of Dean, letting their sound catch up with their minds as they put the finishing touches on their album.

The Butler brothers are joined by close friends Joe Nicklin on drums and Tom Mott on bass. Their collective creative skills include an illustrator, an animator, a writer, and a film-maker, meaning that they are able to produce all of their own artwork and videos and have complete control over every artistic aspect of the band, which has enabled them to broaden their creative horizons.

Talking about the video, Peter Butler (who also directed it) said “I wanted to make a video that was slightly more thematic visually and less narrative. A lot of the concept artwork and photography that me and John had been working on for the LP involved being submerged in water. I’m not quite sure which idea came first but we knew we wanted to do something like that. I like making videos in amazing scenery because it does half the work for you and it’s just lovely being there. It wasn’t so lovely being in the icy water for hours…once it had gotten under the wet suit all you could concentrate on was not crying.”

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