HOUNDS New EP ‘Monster, Begin Transmission Part 3′ and Unveil new Video

June 25, 2014


New EP
‘Monster, Begin Transmission Part 3′
devastating ‘Monster’ video

HOUNDS release their new EP ‘Begin Transmission Part 3, featuring Monster’ and a ferocious new video to coincide with their live performance at Sonisphere on July 4th.

The ‘Monster’ EP features 3 original HOUNDS songs and listen to the EP now on –

HOUNDS explain “the lead track ‘Monster’ is probably the best example of how we like to fuse genres and clash sounds. Its edited, mixed and produced like a dance record but the initial idea came from a late night studio session with a really down tuned and distorted guitar playing a thrash riff.”

And Olly from HOUNDS goes on to explain…

Monster “Over the years I have experienced mental health issues and sometimes things can seem so real and intense even though you know there is nothing there…. You just wanna escape but you cant escape whats inside your head. Sometimes it can be a dangerous place to be….”

Creep At Night “Where we come from , they creep at night… This is our version of the things that happen when the sun goes down.”

Buy You Soul “There is always a quicker route to get to what you want than the one you are taking. But, choosing the easy option can come with consequences, there is always someone waiting to buy your soul from you when you hit a low…”

Begin Transmission Part 3 track listing
01 Monster.
02 Creep At Night.
03 Buy You Soul.

The EP is also available on CD with the new Metal Hammer magazine – out now

Catch the Hounds live and prepare to have your soul ripped to shreds

July 4th Sonisphere, Knebworth Park

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