Hand Sand Hands’ ‘The Shipping Forecast’ EP out July 1; Download the First Single for FREE‏

June 16, 2014

Hand Sand Hands’ ‘The Shipping Forecast’ EP out July 1; Download the First Single for FREE

Hand Sand Hands’ ‘The Shipping Forecast’ EP will be released on July 1, 2014 via Autumn + Colour. The single “Moab at Sunset no. 3” is available for download immediately hereUse download code: HSHSNG01.

Jonathan Miller’s (aka Hand Sand Hands) instrumental EP The Shipping Forecast is an illustrated audio escapade featuring John Fernandes (Olivia Tremor Control) on Violin and Clarinet.

Jonathan was driving through Capitol Reef National Park in Utah during his tour last year and accidentally stumbled upon Petroglyphs (pictogram and logogram images) by the little known Fremont People. Stunned by the imagery and having not seen another car, visitor or park employee for hours, being completely alone (except for the company of his girlfriend), he found himself mesmerized, staring at some of the oldest artwork in America. As he drove out towards Moab, the land began to open up in front of him. While the sun was slowly setting they listened to Maurice Ravel (a French composer) and Arvo Pärt (an Estonian composer) at an intense volume. “I was nearly in tears during the few hours it took to get to Moab.” explains Jonathan, “I couldn’t have spoken a word during that leg of the trip if I wanted to.”

Having had such a profound experience with the landscape, he returned home to record the music that he felt represented his experiences in the Utah desert.

Artist: Hand Sand Hands
Album: The Shipping Forecast EP
Release Date: July 1, 2014

01. Moab at Sunset no. 1
02. Moab at Sunset no. 2
03. Moab at Sunset no. 3

Free Song Download: Moab at Sunset no. 3
Download Link

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