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Ex-Stagecoach Frontman ‘Uncle Luc’ Goes Solo, Unveils New Short Film‏

June 19, 2014


Ex-Stagecoach Frontman ‘Uncle Luc’
Goes Solo, Unveils New Short Film

owner of the loneliest song – a short film about uncle luc from Uncle Luc on Vimeo.

When the band you’ve been in from teenager to man calls it quits after 10 years do you dare once again to tread the long, unforgiving road of music? ‘Owner of the Loneliest Song’ showcases new Uncle Luc songs, documents the recording of his debut album, reveals his early influences and discovers why he still dares to dream.

Shot and mixed by Terry Barham (Bob Marley, Graham Parker) the film features three full song performances and beautiful animated titles by Kieran Gabriel. Uncle Luc will be previewing songs from the film alongside tracks from his debut album this summer.

Catch him at the following venues-

June 22nd -The Lock Tavern, London (Cool for Cats Records)
July 5th –The Windmill, London (Alcopop! Records)
July 21st –The Lock Tavern, London
August 3rd –Staycation Festival, Godalming
September 20th -Southsea Festival, Southsea

Twitter: @uncle__luc

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