EVERYONE DIES IN THE END to release debut LP

June 26, 2014


Post rockers EVERYONE DIES IN THE END to release debut album ALL THINGS LEAD TO THIS

Richmond, VA instrumentalists to release LP via Futurerecordings on 18th August

“If sonic fuel for exploration of imaginary vistas within your personal headspace is what you seek, All Things Lead To This will certainly provide.”
RVA Magazine

Featuring former members of the East Coast hardcore/metal bands Lord By Fire and Facade Burned Black, Everyone Dies In The End is a band well versed in the ways of heavy music. Yet unlike their previous incarnations the Richmond, Virginia quartet has since traded in unabashed metal for a more accomplished approach on All Things lead To This.

With song titles seemingly pulled from the passages of works by Philip K. Dick or the dust jackets of Arthur C. Clarke novels, the macrocosmic influence these writers shared is also one that can be heard throughout this record.

Five separate songs but a whole universe when aligned side by side, across each of these grand compositions the band make no apologies for the scope of their ambition. As anyone that has watched the careers of Swans or Godspeed You! Black Emperor can attest, the more earnest the effort the bigger and bolder the effect. A collision of space rock, melodic doom gaze and heavy post rock bluster, from the swell and eventual spin of ‘There Are Bigger Things Happening Here Than Me And You’ to the seismic ‘Who Are You, Whom I So Faintly Hear’ and crushing interludes of ‘We Bears Are A Proud Race’ All Things Lead To This is an all conquering exploration. Experimenting with drone structures, ambient effects, dark progressive textures and powerful discordant crescendos, the band take in the cinematic landscapes of heavy post-rock and the madness of raw emotion.

All Things Lead To This will be given an official release on 18th August 2014 after being picked up by the California based label Futurerecordings and will be limited to 300 copies on “Coke Bottle” clear 180g vinyl.

Everyone Dies In The End:
Keith Browne – Bass
Jeremy Moody – Guitar
Jason Steed – Drums
Luke Deskins – GuitarFacebook –
Tumblr –
Twitter – @EDITEOfficial
Soundcloud –
Bandcamp –

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