‏ ’68(ex-The Chariot) unveil two-in-one music video- Debut album on the way

June 20, 2014


’68 debuts ‘Track Two’ via two-in-one video
Debut album ‘In Humor And Sadness’ set for digital release on 7th July followed by full UK release on 18th August
(eOne Music / Good Fight Music)

Listen to ‘TRACK TWO’ (videos to be played simultaneously):
This Is Video A:

This Is Video B:

Noise maestros ’68 have released not one, but two videos for their newest single ‘Track Two.’ Both videos need to be played simultaneously to get the full experience, vocalist Josh Scogin (formerly of The Chariot) explains: “The hope is that someone will have one computer and invite a friend over that has another computer, they will spend several minutes struggling and laughing at trying to sync up the 2 videos perfectly.”

Directed by the band, the video was created “in hopes that people will enjoy the journey,” says Scogin. The duo vows the value is in the experience, which is precisely what their intentions were. “Once they have watched it they’ll think, ‘Well, we might as well grab a bite to eat,'” he states. “Before you know it their friendship has grown ever so slightly. Or who knows, maybe this is the perfect way to break the ice with that special someone that you have been nervous about calling up.”

In many ways, the video pays homage to the Zaireeka LP released by The Flaming Lips in 1997 where all four albums needed to be played simultaneously to be heard the way the band intended. In a modern day landscape where art suffers from a lack of longevity, Scogin offers: “It’s a way to get humans to interact with other humans and for it to become more about the camaraderie rather than just another song that is here today and gone tomorrow.”

The Atlanta area duo will release their debut LP, ‘In Humor and Sadness’ via eOne Music / Good Fight Music digitally on July 7th, 2014, followed by a full UK release in August. The band has been touring hard in the US with the likes of LISTENER and they’ll be heading over to the UK for a slew of headline dates, as well as European festivals including Hevy Fest in August.

These noisemakers also debuted a standalone track titled “#15isallyouneed” via Instagram last week. The song will not be available on ‘In Humor and Sadness’ but provides a quintessential taster of the band’s frenzied brilliance.

‘68’s debut album demonstrates the loud beauty of alarming simplicity. A guy bashing his drums, another dude wielding a guitar like a percussive, blunt weapon while howling into a mic somehow manages to sound bigger and brasher than the computerized bombast of every six-piece metal band. A splash of roots, a soulful yearning for mid century Americana and the fiery passion of post punk ferocity rampages over a record of earnestly forceful tracks like a runaway locomotive.

AUG 1 Kingston, The Cricketer’s
AUG 2 Manchester, The Ruby Lounge
AUG 3 Leicester, Sick Sick Six Festival
AUG 4 Swansea, Static
AUG 5 Dublin, Fibber Maggee’s
AUG 6 Glasgow, Classic Grand
AUG 7 Middlesborough, The Crown
AUG 8 Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms
AUG 15 Hevy Open Air Festival
AUG 16 Southampton, Avondale House
AUG 17 London, Garage


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