XXXY shares ‘Never Enough’ out June 9th on Rinse‏

May 9, 2014


XXXY Announces ‘Never Enough’
out June 9th on Rinse

London-based producer and Rinse FM associate Rupert Taylor, aka XXXY, has announced his second release for the Rinse label, featuring a pair of characteristically melody soaked, ‘floor ready house tracks. It’s the follow up to 2013′s incendiary club hit ‘Got Me So’, and is the latest in a series of releases from Taylor exploring ghostly house and garage for labels including Infrasonics, Ten Thousand Yen and Orca. Once again, what marks out XXXY’s style is his deft way with synthesised melody: alongside sampled voices, everything is drenched in shimmering, spiralling lead lines that bubble with energy.

‘Never Enough’ builds from a minimalist, dubbed-out opening into a streamlined, acid-flecked house rhythm, whose central bass motif springs wildly around the mix like a rubber ball. ‘No More’ drops listeners and DJs right into the action from the beginning, coasting upward upon a deliriously catchy three-note organ motif that feels like being thrust into the middle of a peak-time club set. It crescendos with a huge, reverberant breakdown, before a shower of melodic fragments rain down like shards of shattered glass, sending the track into joyful overdrive.


1. Never Enough
2. No More

Release date: 9th June

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