Steve Strong releases free track ‘Wide Open Spaces’!

May 15, 2014


Plymouth’s one man multi-instrumentalist, Steve Strong, is releasing free track ‘Wide Open Spaces’, taken from his forthcoming debut album Three Hands Tall. The album will be available on Vinyl and MP3 viaGenepool Records on 19th May 2014.

You can stream and download ‘Wide Open Spaces’ on SoundCloud

You can also download and stream ‘Marta’ from the ABoF SoundCloud page.

“When making ‘Wide Open Spaces’ (and the rest of Three Hands Tall) I wanted to push myself as a musician. Being a self-taught drummer for 11 years, I wanted to apply that same mindset to other instruments and approach them in a very rhythmic way.”, said Steve discussing the track and album withShout4Music. With myriad musical styles present in the song, you really do have to hear it in its entirety to fully appreciate it.

Very few artists can boast having poured four years of their lives into their debut album, but Steve’s dedication and ability to completely immerse himself in the songwriting process has created something that is a reflection of those four years, an organic sonic catalogue of all the trials and tribulations faced by an individual recording his personal masterpiece. Recorded in in Plymouth’s dBs Studios with producer, and close friend, Jay AubornThree Hands Tall blends elements of Math-Rock with heavy influences from Four Tet and Squarepusher’s instrumental albums. Strong creates a captivating and genre-defying sound that fills the room, painting the air with sonic pictures.

With a new EP and a selection of live performances scheduled for Summer 2014, Steve Strong’s complex and experimental style is set to hypnotise the UK.

Three Hands Tall is released on 19th May 2014 via Genepool Records.

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