Mattress Financial and Fond Han Debut Lo-Fi Singles via Stereogum and Impose

May 1, 2014

MF_and_FH_tape“Private Split” EP due out on May 20th from Exploding In Sound Records

Mattress Financial and Fond Han are getting ready to release their debut split cassette, Private Split on May 20th via Exploding In Sound Records. The names may not be familiar to many but those behind them have been creating music in the East Coast underground for many years now. Mattress Financial is the solo project of Sam Rosenberg, primarily known as guitarist/vocalist for Colesville, MD post-punk band Two Inch Astronaut. Fond Han is the solo moniker of Thomas Baumann, former guitarist/drummer/vocalist for New Brunswick, NJ math punks Neur and avant spazz punk trio Hot Fang.

Recorded in a variety of non traditional locations (farm houses, bedrooms, office buildings, abandoned homes), Private Split finds both songwriters taking time to explore lo-fi sounds and textures in a different light than their other bands, taking a step back from the dense technicality of their bands. Mattress Financial and Fond Han both create a stunning trip into sparse, moody, and primarily acoustic guitar based singer/songwriter territory, though this is far from any stereotypical dad rock or more-twee-than thou indie pop one may associate with the genre. Mattress Financial and Fond Han have created two distinct takes of folk based indie rock, loaded with introspective lyrics, a wry sense of humor, and the warmth of simplistic recordings that are as honest as they are raw.

Mattress Financial is the product of constant songwriting from a prolific musician. While focusing on Two Inch Astronaut, Sam Rosenberg began to write “songs that didn’t quite fit the bill for that band. I amassed a small collection of these creepy little songs and thought it’d be fun to try and play most of the instruments on them. I’m attracted to things that are portable and practical, like a really good backpack, so I tried to write simple things that could stand on their own without much in the way of bells and whistles, or a capable bassist and drummer.” The result is stunning and after some prodding from Exploding In Sound Records, Rosenberg agreed to release the songs, together with close friend and like-minded musician, Thomas Baumann.

Fond Han was never a conscious decision to be a solo project (and won’t remain solo for long), but following Baumann’s move from the dirty basement scene of New Brunswick to a co-operative farm outside of Princeton, New Jersey, a change had occurred and the music recorded for Private Split offered a fresh start and a new beginning. When asked about the decision to go solo, Baumann stated there was “no time to work with others and explain everything, I just wanted it to be marked quickly, while it still felt real. My friend Matt Weiss also moved from New Brunswick to the farm house and wanted to record something in the new space. He had a bunch of gear, I had a batch of songs.” The simple origins of Fond Han show a side of Baumann unknown to most, while retaining a great sense of off kilter humor and humility in his songs.

Fond Han and Mattress Financial will be hitting in the road together for an East Coast tour in support of the release this June.

Mattress Financial was recorded by Michael Siegel (“I Do That Good,” “On Your Lap”) and Devin McKnight (“40s”) and mixed by Christian Ankerstjerne. “I Do That Good” features Brendan Bessel (drums) and Michael Siegel (bass). “On Your Lap” features Michael Siegel (bass). Fond Han was recorded and by Matt Weiss and Thomas Baumann. Private Split was mastered by Michael Siegel.

Private Split artwork by Thomas Baumann. Layout by Matt Connery.  Private Split is due out May 20th, 2014 via Exploding In Sound Records on cassette and digital. Pre-orders are available HERE.

Private Split tracklist:

Mattress Financial (side A)
1. 40s
2. I Do That Good
3. On Your Lap

Fond Han (side B)
4. Mad Mike
5. Carrier
6. Y

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