Manhack, Side Project of Face All Fears’ Thomas Crawford Signs with Autumn + Colour; Single “Fur Elise” Available on iTunes‏

May 14, 2014

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Manhack, Side Project of Face All Fears’ Thomas Crawford Signs with Autumn + Colour; Single “Fur Elise” Available on iTunes



Thomas Crawford, who plays bass for Face All Fears, has been working on new music in his spare time. We are thrilled to be working with him on this new idea. Manhack is, for the sake of disregarding pretentious sub-genres, METAL. There’s a hard hitting, in your face, straight to the point attitude found here. It’s music with zero restrictions from commercialized and trending influences. Thomas plays everything!

Check out the playthrough video for the cover of Beethoven’s “Fur Elise.”

The song is available for purchase right here on iTunes.

“Intensity with delicacy, virtuosity with tasteful simplistically, and brilliance with minimal effort are just a handful of the countless ways to describe the level of mastery we find in Beethoven’s “Fur Elise.” Being one of the most easily recognizable piano works of all time, this song defines what it is to take a simple concept built from the inside out and transformed into a work of art. Fur Elise is no less than a timeless classic, and personally one of my favorite songs, so doing a metal cover of it was inevitable. I first got the idea to put my own spin on this song way back in my early middle school days – ever since I’ve been re-writing, re-working, erasing and starting from scratch until the version we have now was finished. As we look ahead towards the future of Manhack, we see no signs of slowing down with continuous upcoming releases. Expect plenty of all new original material featuring a 3-4 song demo and a 10+ song full length album, new music videos/ pictures, shirts/ merchandise, and tons of other special releases. There will be exclusive content, and even the possibility of a few southeast shows to keep things rolling, while never once forgetting the roots and inspirations that continue to drive Manhack forward.” ~Thomas Crawford

For more Manhack updates, please visit:

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