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Introducing MO PARKER

May 9, 2014


For all its earthly front and industrial heritage, the north east of England has mystical depths… the Saints’ retreats of Northumbria, the northern lights…

Fold is the twilight, the low tide, the sun rise over the North Sea…. a union of dark, emotive soul with deep, reflective lyrics that explore both desolation and promise.

Born and bred in the hinterland of the Tyne, Mo Parker’s songwriting draws heavily on blues and soul, its innate evocation of religious and spiritual imagery. The metaphors of the blues and soul spiritual, resonate in tales of struggle, loss, and tragedy.

The online debut by Mo Parker is a taster of impending material from his forthcoming EP. Together with production partner, Domzilla (BMG – Lulu James, Wu Tang), the pair have created music on the principles of space, atmosphere, and depth… the voice to the front, the music to the back. A very modern sound, a very traditional approach.

Fold on soundcloud:


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