GREYS “Use Your Delusion” at AV Club, Carpark/Buzz Records to Release Debut LP June 17, 2014‏

May 15, 2014
GREYS Premiere New Track “Use Your Delusion”
via AV ClubDebut Full-Length If Anything to Be Released June 17, 2014 via Carpark Records Worldwide & Buzz Records (CAN)

Pre-Order Available Now, East Coast Run This Weekend

Mathew Morand

Mathew Morand

Toronto’s Greys premiered a new track today titled “Use Your Delusion” off their upcoming debut full-length If Anything via AV Club who called the track “QUOTE”.  If Anything arrives via Carpark Records and Buzz Records on June 17, 2014 (June 16, 2014 in Europe).

Though Greys have been around since 2011, the band began making waves earlier this year with the release of their first single from If Anything, cheekily titled “Guy Picciotto“.  The track and accompanying video are another perfect example of the quartet’s brashly caustic, sardonic outlook; Greys make music that soundtracks disillusionment.

After the release of three EPs in as many years (2011’s Ultra Sorta, 2012’s Easy Listening and 2013’s Drift), If Anything sees Greys scraping raw the influences of their punk heros, bands such as Drive Like Jehu, Shellac, and Unwound, combining them with a dirty tapestry of angular guitar textures and irregular rhythms that propel the album’s 11 tracks forward at breakneck speed.  Yes, the band writes noise rock, but it’s also some of the poppiest music that’s ever been allowed to lay claim to such a title.  Greys have earned a reputation for their crushingly intense live show, one that’s as loud as it is satisfying.  The band will announce more North American dates soon, and will be playing New York, Philadelphia and Boston this weekend with Buzz Records labelmates HSY and The Beverleys (all tour dates below).

If Anything is available for pre-order via iTunes now at 


Buzz Records Canadian Pre-Order:

“Most impressive… [their] combination of explosive distortion and harsh but pretty melodies suggested a band who helped invent the genre, not one exploring it 30 years after its birth.” –LA Times

“A 90-second blast of dissonant, bent guitars… You could call “Guy Picciotto” a little “on the nose”, but so is a punch to the face.” –Pitchfork

“With feedback-saturated guitars, catchy melodies, and the sore-throat yowls of frontman Shehzaad Jiwani, Greys sound like lost transmissions from the underground punk scene” –Rolling Stone

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