Field Mouse Reveal Cover Art and Track Listing for Upcoming Topshelf Records Debut ‘Hold Still Life’‏

May 27, 2014

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Field Mouse Reveal Cover Art and Track Listing for Upcoming Topshelf Records Debut ‘Hold Still Life’ Out July 22nd


Brooklyn, NY’s Field Mouse have revealed title, cover art and track listing for Hold Still Life, their Topshelf Records debut LP which will be released on July 22.

Hold Still Life Tracklisting:

1. A Place You Return To In A Dream

2. Tomorrow Is Yesterday

3. Two Ships

4. Everyone But You

5. Asteroid

6. Reina

7. Netsuke

8. Horizon City

9. Bright Lights

10. Happy

11. Kids

12. Water In The Valley

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Officially formed in 2010 by vocalist/guitarist Rachel Browne and producer/guitarist Andrew Futral, the duo eventually expanded into a four piece,with the addition of Saysha Heinzman on bass and Tim McCoy on drums.

The upcoming LP, co-produced by Futral and Browne, marks Field Mouse’s first full-length that’s been written and released as a full band. The album was recorded at Seaside Lounge, Brooklyn & Let Em In, Brooklyn and mixed by Kyle Gilbride (Swearin’, Waxahatchee, Upset).

With a mix of dreamy reverb-tinged guitars and synthesizers, Field Mouse blends the hard edges of indie rock with the warmer stylings of dream pop and shoegaze. Their songs lure you in with saccharine melodies and soothing vocals, and turn on you without warning with biting lyrics and a thick layered wall of fuzz guitar. It’s a blend Browne and Futral have spent years working to perfect, and it shows in their live performances and recordings.

Field Mouse released their first 7″ single in February 2012, You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom, on Small Plates Records. This was followed in October 2012 with another 7″ release, How Do You Know, through Lefse. In Spring of 2013 the band embarked on a six-week tour supporting Laura Stevenson as she played across the U.S.

Upon their return from tour, the band wasted no time arranging their album. Inspired by burgeoning adulthood, social overload and isolation, life in New York, and the realization that life is going by with a terrifying swiftness (plus a handful of breakup songs to boot), Field Mouse wrote and recorded the new album in late 2013.

Check out the band’s most recent video for their 2013 track “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” here..






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