Electro-pop duo Ivy & Gold share video for ‘Not Had Enough’‏

May 23, 2014


Having recently announced their new EP ‘Eye of the Storm’ would be released on June 2nd via 84 World, electro-pop duo Ivy & Gold now share the video for lead track ‘Not Had Enough’.

Watch the video here.

Comprised of Rachel Wilkinson and Jamie Davies, the two-piece released their debut EP ‘Awake’ last year, and the forthcoming ‘Eye of the Storm’ EP is testament to Ivy & Gold’s talent for well-crafted pop songs: sophisticated layers, seductive melodies and Wilkinson’s strong yet brooding vocals.

Davies handles most of the production in their home studio and steers the basic structure of their songs whilst Wilkinson writes the bulk of the lyrics and vocal melodies. However, as a couple, the pair are a very collaborative force, and one that has successfully smoothed out most of friction from writing with your other half.

With a cinematic quality to their arrangements, it’s not surprising that the duo are inspired by the soundtrack composers Tom Tyker (Cloud Atlas, Run Lola Run) and Hans Zimmer.

Rachel’s lyrics are influenced by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos and Florence and the Machine but she also finds supernatural stories to be a wealth of inspiration. Pre-order their ‘Eye of the Storm’ EP on iTunes here.

Having played a string of shows across London, the duo will return in September for a special show at St Pancras Church.

Ivy & Gold @ St Pancras Church, London
Wednesday 17th September
For tickets.

Additionally, Rachel has been creating limited edition canvasses for the band’s merch and their stunning EP artwork – created by a friend – is available to buy as a fine art print. Visit their website for more info:


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