BLACK STROBE announce new EP ‘Going Back Home’ – Out 26 May

May 17, 2014



EP: Going Back Home

Released: May 26th 2014
Label: Blackstrobe Records
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After being on ice since 2012, Arnaud Rebotini’s Black Strobe are set to release their comeback EP ‘Going Back Home’ through Blackstrobe Records on 26th May. With their enigmatic French musician at the helm once more, the four piece return with a heady blend of country ‘n’ western inspired rock, effortlessly bridging the gap between blues and their electronic sound of old.

2012’s  ‘Boogie in Zero’ and ‘The Girl Form the Bayou’ dealt with Rebotini’s favourite themes –  the life of the American cowboy and the legacy of rock ‘n’ roll – mixed with the Parisian artist’s electronic sensibility. This contemporary western feel, came to the notice of Quentin Tarantino – who used Black Strobe’s cover version of I’m A Man for the trailer of Django Unchained – and Dior, who chose the same track to advertise their perfume Eau Sauvage.

New single ‘Going Back Home,’ sees a change in direction for the band and the EP comes with another new composition ‘House of Good Lovin’ and a cover version of Rufus Thomas’ Tiger Man, made popular by Elvis Presley. The 3 tracks mix rock and blues guitars with electronic loops and dancefloor beats, all crowned by the silky smooth crooning of Rebotini himself.

 ‘Goind Back Home’ is out on 26th May via Blackstrobe Recordings. Look out for a full length album and live UK later this year.


Going Back Home

House of Good Lovin’


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