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Jealous Lovers Club & Juxtaposed MicroFestival Line-Up Special – Playlounge

April 13, 2014

1978895_611489728932586_2580690558068820796_nJealous Lovers Club have teamed up with Juxtaposed Club Nights to provide what will be one of the best live events this year- in association with Circuit Sweet and Cardiff’s Quench Magazine.

On the May 4th Bank Holiday Sunday, Jealous Lovers Club & Gwdihw’s Thursday night regulars Juxtaposed are teaming up to bring a day of outstanding music to Cardiff. With 12 bands from all over the UK set over two stages, one inside the quaint Gwdihw Cafe Bar, the second in the adjacent car park that transforms into a full festival stage.

By now you should all be familiar with one of the UK’s best music promoters Jealous Lovers Club. The hardworking JLC team are no strangers to our site. Last year we teamed up with the company to promote their fantastic array of live gigs. Jealous Lovers Club are a renowned promoters company who host regular nights in Cardiff, Newport & London, bringing you a mythical spectrum of music with math rock at one end and indie at the other. Every show they’ve put on to date is a must see and always has a talented line-up of artists across the UK and further afield. Their extensive lists of live artists that have played their shows is like something out of a music lovers dream. To date they’ve put on shows for the likes of Enemies, Tall Ships, Rolo Tomassi, Dads, El Ten Eleven, Physics House Band, Gnarwolves, Playlounge, Tera Melos, The Chapman Family, Native, Dinosaur Pile Up, Oh No Yoko ,Catfish & The Bottlemen, Man Like Me, Towns, Playlounge, Fight Like Apes, Stagecoach, Let’s Talk Daggers, Talons and Gunning For Tamar to name a few!

When Connor, founder of Jealous Lovers Club, told Circuit Sweet about another event he had in the works, we knew it was going to be unmissable. Every show with a JLC touch is something out of this world, be it from the talent that’s introduced or the atmosphere at each event. The forthcoming Microfestival on May 4th is a date all music lovers should mark on their gig calenders.

The outstanding line-up has now been revealed in its entirety and we are in for such a treat, this is THE festival of the year.

Tellison, Olympians, Playlounge, Her Parents, WOAHNOWS, Cleft ,Cardiff’s Samoans and Nai Harvest have all been announced to play on the day’s proceeding alongside Radstewart, Totem Terrors, Esuna and  How I Faked The Moon Landing.

To coincide with the May 4th date, from now up until the Bank Holiday, Circuit Sweet will be hosting a special Jealous Lovers Club & Juxtaposed MicroFestival Artist Feature. Taking a closer look at all the talent playing and introducing our readers to each act in a more personal manor; as we talk to the musicians to find out more about their musical endeavors, their live sets and what we can look forward to from them on the day.

In the fourth of our Micro festival artist installments we introduce you to the tentative noise pop duo Playlounge.

1620468_620798898002710_13578612_nPlaylounge are an energetic noise rock two piece.Consisting of Saam (drums, vocals) and Laurie (guitar). Formed in Lewisham, south London in 2010. In 4 year’s they’ve achieved an incredible amount and on the verge of their album release the pair have the world at their feet. Think fuzz, distortion and punk ambitions.

We honestly can’t wait to catch these two live, until then though we had the pleasure in speaking with Saam and Laurie ahead of their forthcoming performance to find out what they offer live and more things Playlounge related.

Firstly thank you for spending time with Circuit Sweet.

Before we get to the details of your forthcoming live appearance at the Jealous Lovers Club & Juxtaposed MicroFestival on May 4th. We want to get to know more on you. Please introduce yourselves and your role within the band- How long have you been playing and performing live?

saam: hey my name is saam and i play the drums and sing in playlounge. we’ve been a band for just over three years and playing live for the same amount of time.

laurie: I do the guitar.

What was it that first got you to pick up your instruments- and then to write your own compositions and direct your creativity?

i only started drumming when i met laurie. before i’d played guitar and bass in bands and never really thought of drumming but we couldn’t find anyone else and i really wanted to start a band with him, so i just taught myself.

laurie: Well my dad always had a guitar in the house. He had this punk chord songbook that had a load of rad 70s/80s stuff in it like Wire, The Saints and Crass. I learnt a lot from that.

How did you form and where did the name come from?

saam: we formed in the garden of the fox and firkin watching sicamore. playlounge was originally a joke instrumental concept band hah.

So we want to know more about what you guys project live, we are so excited to see you live at the Microfestival in May, and we want other music lovers to be enticed to come share the day with us all.

saam: uhm.. hopefully watching us is taken as a positive experience. i’d like to think we convey some sense of optimism and urgency. it’s fun and it’s loud and it’s never too much of a drain on time.

How would you personally describe your own sound in one word?

saam: nothinglikejapandroidscomeonmusicpressuseyourbrainsjustbecauseweareatwopieceitdoesn’tmeanyouhavetocompareustoother-twopiecesunlessyouwannagowithyrrsornaiharvest

Describe what you think you each bring to your live performances, sell your showmanship, sell us your sets.

saam: hah oh lame uh laurie will play guitar and i will kinda play the drums and sing and the songs will be faster than they are on record and something might break.

What is it that you personally get from your performance?

saam: it can be quite cathartic for me, i tend to invest a lot of emotion into my lyrics. it’s just fun and it feels right, like i need to do it.

How would you describe the reception to your presence?

saam: a couple of months ago we played with dads and all the emos cheered for us and that’s all i’ve ever wanted.

laurie: It varies really. There was one really funny bit recently when played zero for the first time. I looked out and everyone was doing the Tommy Royds head bob in perfect unison.

Is there a particular track that you all just love to play?

saam: i don’t think we’ve ever not played fan fiction since we wrote it like a year and a half ago. elephant is probably the most fun for me though.

laurie: BORRD is fun. It’s probably the trickiest one for me but it feels good to play. Gutterball too.

What can we look forward to from your live performance on the day?

saam: playlounge playing playlounge songs, unintentional and intentional american vocal inflections, blood, sweat and tears.

Is there an artist you can’t wait to see at the festival, if so why?

saam: so stoked that nai harvest will be there with us.

laurie: It’ll be nice to see bands I haven’t before. I’ve heard WOAHNOWS are very good so I’m looking forward to them.

Have you played a renowned ‘Jealous Lovers Club’ show previous to this special event?

saam: we first met jlc when on tour with johnny foreigner and that night (to me anyway) was the show we got over the initial awkwardness of hanging with a band we admired and started to become friends so i’ll always be grateful for that.

Enlighten us to what can we look forward to from you in the future- many other plans set for the rest of this year, be it touring, recording, releasing etc?

saam: our album is out april 14th and we’ve got a couple of splits lined up as well as a few tours which haven’t been announced yet.

Before we finish all featured artists are asked this- What album or track has been stuck on your turntable, ipod, cd player for a while now?

tiny box by bitpart became one of my iTunes most played over the course of a day last week, that song is incredible.

laurie: ‘I dunno’ by Lady Neptune. Such a banger.

And Finally any last words from you?

saam: jake may.

A huge thank you to Saam and Laurie, lovely chatting with you and looking forward to May 4th. Good luck with the album release tomorrow too!!

Now you’ve discovered another fantastic band from the incredible line-up get excited to hear more. If you haven’t already got your early bird tickets, get them whilst you can!!

Limited early bird tickets £6

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