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Introducing MOVIE- ‘Ads’ Debut Single Special

April 16, 2014

noname_1_MOVIE – ‘Ads’ (June 9)
“Big and bold…packed with warped funk grooves” NME Radar
“Movie are here to save indie…all Bowie guitars and Blur-like melodic lilts” Noisey
“A fresh and reinvigorated take on classic sounds, it potentially marks the start of a new era for guitar music” Crack in the Road
“MOVIE are packing some seriously ravenous hooks. You bring the popcorn” Line of Best Fit
“A clear-headed, sharp-footed beast” DIY

MOVIE will release their debut single, ‘Ads’, on June 9 (Skelly Records) – backed by another new song, ‘Mr Fist’, which picked up early acclaim when the band quietly uploaded it to their Soundcloud last month. Details of MOVIE’s first official live shows will also be announced shortly.

A crisp, contemporary take on the classic British pop band, the appropriately-evocative world of MOVIE is comprised of Korean frontman Theo Spark (vocals/guitar), Jamie Stiby Harris (vocals/keys/guitar) and Ollie Tobin (bass). 22 years old and friends from the age of 10, their sound seems inspired by the post-punk precision of Orange Juice, the urbane lyricism of Blur, and the 60s-pop harmonies of Helen Shapiro. Already their songs are short, sharp and stylish; full of winks and nods (rhyming ‘coupe’ with ‘toupee’) but offering an immediate breath of fresh air amidst the new bands gunning for 2014.

Whilst their name has connotations of cinema, escapism and old-school glamour, MOVIE’s music takes its cue from the less-exotic mundanity of modern city life. The New Wave rush of ‘Ads’, for instance, in fact describes how the omniscience of advertising can result in feelings of inadequacy, anger and exhaustion (“My life’s for you / But if you really love me, why do I feel so lousy?”). With the arch swagger of Bowie-circa-‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Mr Fist’ is a tale of bitterness, envy and the desire to punch someone, set to the gothic overtones of Halloween Pop. Both tracks are equal parts self-deprecating and boastful, as a means of catharsis: ideas were conceived in a shared South London flat surrounding the band’s studies at art school and university, and in-between stints “in male escort agencies and private tutoring, with varying degrees of success.” Although smart enough not to take themselves too seriously, if their early work is indication, MOVIE are on the brink of quite serious things indeed.

Dim the lights, and take your seat – MOVIE are about to begin.

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