Copper Lungs self-titled EP out now!

April 30, 2014


Copper Lungs self-titled EP out now!

For fans of… Two Door Cinema Club, Taking Back Sunday, Phoenix
Copper Lungs are pleased to announce the release their self-titled EP, Copper Lungs, via Thin Hippo Records.

The band’s uplifting pop-rock sound has seen them pick up support from the likes of Jim Gellatly, Artrocker and The Vinyl District, as well as an upcoming review from Rock Sound Magazine.

Explosive opening track ‘Lego’ showcases a band working together seamlessly like a well oiled machine as they create a definitive wall of sound. You can download the ‘Lego’ from the ABoF SoundCloud


The EP sees the band’s sound evolve as they enter the next phase of their musical development, with an intensity that can only be attained through experience. Lock four people together in a tour bus for long enough, and they’ll either kill each other or gain enough perspective to create something that’s truly remarkable. In this case Copper Lungs have achieved the latter.

The band maintains an intensity throughout with tracks like ‘How Long’ and ‘Lost Without You’, before the EP winds down, as Darren‘s vocals take centre stage. Backed by the band’s sweeping and epic melodies, it’s safe to say that Copper Lungs have spent the time since their debut album honing their sound, using their experiences on the road and in the studio to create a mature and accomplished release.

Check out the video to single ‘Lost Without You’ on the band’s YouTube channel.


Consisting of Darren Lindsay (vocals/guitar), John Cargill (guitar/vox), Jamie Mayes (bass/keys) and Euan Ross (drums), Copper Lungs were formed in 2011 in Dundee. Drawing on influences such as Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix, the band have produced their own powerful blend of melodic harmonized vocally-driven pop rock, a sound that should see them attract a diverse fan base.

Copper Lungs is out now via Thin Hippo Records. Buy it on iTunes.

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