Universal Thee release free download of ‘A Million Voices’!‏

March 21, 2014


For fans of: Weezer, Pavement, Teenage Fanclub
Universal Thee release the free download track, ‘A Million Voices’, taken from their forthcoming debut album, Back To Earth, available 31st March 2014 via Eventual Heirs Records.

In a departure from their usual buoyantly traditional indie style, the band illustrate their versatility with a lo-fi, acoustic track evoking memories of Belle and Sebastian and Sebadoh‘s quieter moments.

You can download ‘A Million Voices’ free from the ABoF SoundCloud page

The album is a daydream of upbeat guitars and vocals, created by the band’s free and easy, non-restrictive approach to songwriting that sees them explore every aspect of their own creativity, with more than a healthy nod to influences such as Weezer and Pavement. As a result, the band’s sound is hard to define, with tracks such as “Wolves Of The Netherworld” and “Bone Collector” very much channelling the sense of fun that was inherent in a lot of late 90s college rock, while tracks like “Feeling Fragile” and “Down” tell a more personal story. There is no concrete template for Universal Thee – they play what they feel, which is something that some might say is missing in today’s ultra-media savvy musical landscape – perfectly highlighted by their first download track ‘Aranis Natas’.

Producing a fun, refreshing, genre-defying sound that gives every member of the band the opportunity to showcase their unique tastes, Universal Thee are yet another shining example of the delights Scotland’s music scene has to offer. With this in mind, why not catch the band as they play their launch show at Citrus Club in Edinburgh on 28th March.

Back To Earth is released March 31st 2014 via Eventual Heirs Records

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