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Introducing Summer Heart

March 20, 2014
Linda Lomelino

Linda Lomelino

Summer Heart
U Got All I’m Looking 4

Single Out 27th April

With its Beach Boys harmonies, groovy beat and summer feeling, it may as well be the band’s coup d’état.The Guardian

Not only does this song evoke the languidness of summer within the first five seconds, it also has an uncanny knack for undercutting the sweetness of its harmonies with a slightly wonky lead vocal. – The Star

Summer Heart is a music project led by Swedish-born David Alexander. Having their music used on H&M’s campaign’s playlists, chosen Act Of The Month by Fred Perry’s Subculture, and topping the official chart list on, Summer Heart have been very busy indeed by turning heads in all the right places.

They’re now ready to release their long-awaited single called U Got All I’m Looking 4. Equipped in MGMT’s originality, Empire Of The Sun’s memorable hooks and PNAU’s mass appeal, this is a song for literally everyone! The overall production is electro enough without being too harsh, interesting without showing off and quirky without being weird. By releasing a hot summer hit in the middle of winter, Summer Heart have found the perfect way of getting into everyone’s minds and warming them up instantly.

Stripped back and groovy drums bring steady pace into the track whilst the airy and hooky guitars carry the whiff of an exciting beach breeze. The ethereal vocal lines haunt the listener’s ears in an unforgettable way and make for a sing-along treat all day long.

U Got All I’m Looking 4 has got all the right ingredients for those in search of a great and memorable tune, and it will be available for sale and download on Sunday 27th April.



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