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Introducing… Shambles In A Husk!‏

March 18, 2014


For fans of… Adebisi Shank, Hella, Refused, The Dillinger Escape Plan
Shambles In A Husk have unveiled the video to their latest single, Cowboy Doom. You can check it out on their YouTube channel.

Cowboy Doom opens with a face melting demonstration of expert guitar work, coupled with vocals ripped from the depths of a tortured soul. This is a band who’ve got something to say, and they’re saying it loud. The single moves seamlessly between a hectic, foot stomping anthem brimming with expertly crafted riffs akin to Adebisi Shank and an explosion of glorious noise, imagine Refused meets The Dillinger Escape Plan. It’s an outstanding mission statement for a band that are fresh on the scene, with themes reminiscent of Tetsuo: The Iron Man, casting a stern lyrical eye on mankind’s dependence on technology.

The single has already received support from BBC Radio 1‘s Introducing, you can listen to it now on the band’s official SoundCloud page.

With three more singles in the pipeline, and their debut EP slated to wrap up 2014 along with a European Tour, Cowboy Doom is only the first step for a band that’s sure to cause a ruckus on the UK’s rock and metal scene.

Cowboy Doom is released via Red Medicine Records. Buy it on Bandcamp.

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