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Bearcubbin- Girls with Fun Haircuts Album Release Special

March 2, 2014


Way back in 2010 we introduced you to the likes of The Jezebel Spirit- it was then we spoke to guitarist Chris Scott and discovered his other band Bearcubbin’- we had one of our first ever interviews with Bearcubbin’ and I believe it was discovering them and supporting that band that put us on the map- we will be forever grateful that we fell in love with the music Bearcubbin’ deliver. We’ve passionately followed the band throughout the past 4 years and we are now excited to share their latest venture- their long awaited second full length release.

Bearcubbin’! are a three piece Math Rock band from Portland, Oregon, ready to take over the world with their hectic, crazy, warped mathy masterpieces! The second full length album by Bearcubbin’! The first featuring the bass playing of Patrick Dougherty. After years of writing and some line up changes, Bearcubbin’! has returned with the most ambitious and sonically dense and cohesive effort yet. Their new release Featuring a current line-up of Chris Scott’s (of The Jezebel Spirit), Mike Byrne (of The Smashing Pumpkins) and Patrick Dougherty (also of The Jezebel Spirit).

The new release is streaming in full below and showcases the maturity of each member, the band have evolved into such an inspiring act and we are thrilled to follow them throughout such a rewarding journey. Bearcubbin’ have come a long way from that first blogpost we featured and overcoming numerous roadblocks to fight for their passion- we are so grateful they are working hard to per-sue their experimental dreams.

The new release showcases the band in a whole new direction- and the three are about to reap all rewards. Highlighting the band’s maturity both individually and united as one. The 9 track album is from start to finish one of the best releases we are bound to hear this year if not the best- and that’s not being biased, listen below for yourself. Compelling, illustrious and addictive. Providing the right amount of sensual looping, alluring samples, stop-start hardhitting beats from one of the best drummers of our time, the trio are the kings of earpelting experimental mathrock fuzz. Love a band that provide straight up honest and raw orchestrations. Bearcubbin have received so much positive recognition for their passion and talent and we love them! They should be incredibly proud of their progression as a band and their flawless new record.
Girls With Fun Haircuts Tracklisting:

1. Girls with Fun Haircuts
2. Solid Gold Monster Truck
3. High School Field Trip to Murder Island
4. Gourmet Japanese Restaurant
5. Carpet Needs a Drink Too
6. Raspberry Breaks
7. Master Cylinder
8. Kevin
9. Down Buttermilk Road

Drums Recorded at Interlace Audio by Stephan Hawkes
Guitars/Keyboards/Bass Recorded at Bongo Fury Rehearsal studios and Casa Diabro by Chris Scott with the Assistance of Stephan Hawkes

Mixed and Mastered at Interlace Audio by Stephan Hawkes

Graphic Design Team:
Simon Boas
Julianne Rose Tunnelle
Jake Baez
Arianna Kinsfather

If you do one thing today, just listen to this release- it will blow your mind. We urge you to support this band and believe in them as much as we do- well done you guys, this really is YOUR year and one of our favorite records yet. Download their new release now via bandcamp or soundcloud-  https://soundcloud.com/bearcubbin/sets/girls-with-fun-haircuts



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