We Believe In Little League Records- First Base Announcement

February 12, 2014


We believe in Little League Records. We believe in their releases and we certainly approve of their latest announcement/addition to their back catalog. LLR have just announced their first ever sampler, “First Base”, which is set to be released on both cassette and digital format on March 15th!

Little League Records sampler on red cassette tapes, limited to 35 copies! Over 70 minutes worth of music from their favorite artists, spanning a wide spectrum of genres with lots of currently unreleased music, as well as some old favorites!

The tracklisting (not in order) is as follows:

Curacy – Longer
Coral Florist – Ghost in The Elevator
Ghost in A Sundress – I Fall in Love Too Easily
Monsters of The Antipodes – Dinosauria, We
Panucci’s Pizza – Nicholas Cajun
Supernormal Prophets – Initial Initiative
GrapplinGun – AT’s Eyedent
Kopori Tombo – I Wan’t To
Outmind – Palmtree Vibin’
American Haiku – Crinkling Paper
Separator – The Cost Of Melting
Heliocentric – Mirage
Outmind – Flowrs
Selaromisiul – Hate To Reminisce
Pencil – History
Goshawk – Bretton Woods
The High Elders – Surrounded By Lights
The Night Wars – In Return
Homeshake – Brothers
A.M. Overcast – Violet By Fire Glow
Tiny Rainbows – Count Pope-ula
Lonesome Blood – Lazy (Stagnant)
Shriekin’ Specialist – Space & Time
Vasudeva – In Lieu of Youth
Nesey Gallons – Becoming The Unicorn

You can pre-order a tape here:

LLR is an online record label catering to all types of alternative, experimental and unique music, from all around the globe and have a brilliant taste in music!- Last year alone Little League Records had one of the most rewarding 12 months to date and have put out more releases than you can imagine. This year they prove unstoppable- this is a label home to talent, passion and excellent workmanship, the perfect label with a lot of potential and one that you will be thankful for.

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