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Tera Melos Tour Special- An Interview with Nick Reinhart

February 7, 2014
Oli Montez- Circuit Sweet

Oli Montez- Circuit Sweet

The enigmatic Sacramento based 3 piece Tera Melos are no strangers to Circuit Sweet.

As previously stated Tera Melos have built up more than a reputation for themselves in the 10 attentive years their name has been known .Nick Reinhart and Nathan Latona found themselves in a tough position following the disbandment of their former outfit- no regard. Needing to continue their music; Tera Melos was formed in 2004 and has since released 1 split, 5 EP’s and 4 albums. Lost an original member, gained a new talent in drummer John Clardy, played copious amounts of live shows and signed to Sargent House Records.

We’ve had the priviledge in interviewing the band on a few occasions including our live filmed interview during their 2012 European tour which you can see below-

Last year, on April 16th the highly anticipated record ‘X’ed Out’ was released via Sargent House and just a few short months ago, we announced that the band were set to return to Europe for a 2014 tour supporting their latest release.

Already a few dates into their tour, we managed to catch up with Nick to see how it’s going, what we can look forward to from them during their tour and to delve into their release information.

Remaining Tour Dates:

Feb 7, 2014 Cardiff, WA United Kingdom Clwb Ifpr Bach
Feb 8, 2014 London United Kingdom Birthdays
Feb 9, 2014 Brighton United Kingdom The Green Door Store
Feb 10, 2014 Guildford United Kingdom The Star Inn
Feb 11, 2014 Nijmegen Netherlands Merleyn
Feb 12, 2014 Paris France Batofar
Feb 13, 2014 Basel Switzerland Hirscheneck
Feb 14, 2014 Milano Italy LO-FI
Feb 15, 2014 Bologna Italy Freakout Club
Feb 16, 2014 Rijeka Croatia (Hrvatska) Tunel
Feb 17, 2014 Vienna Austria Fluc
Feb 18, 2014 Bratislava Slovak Republic Fuga
Feb 19, 2014 Ceske Budejovice Czech Republic Velbloud
Feb 20, 2014 Prague Czech Republic Klub 007
Feb 22, 2014 Hamburg Germany HafenKlang
Feb 23, 2014 Copenhagen V Denmark KB18
Feb 25, 2014 Brussels Belgium Beursschouwburg
Feb 26, 2014 Luxembourg Luxembourg Rocas
Feb 27, 2014 Oberhausen Germany Druckluft
Feb 28, 2014- Kiev Ukraine Underground Music Hall
Mar 1, 2014 – Saint Petersburg- Russia DA:DA
Mar 2, 2014 Moscow Russia Manifest

We are delighted to chat with Nick of Tera Melos for the fourth time during  their  European tour.  It’s very difficult at this point not to repeat any questions we’ve already had the trio answer. But we wanted to chat to the act about their European tour, get pumped and get you gig goers to go and see this fantastic band.

Again a huge thank you to Tera Melos for spending time with Circuit Sweet- it’s always a pleasure to have you on our site, it’s not Circuit Sweet without you guys. By now you need no introduction so firstly how have you guys been since we last spoke (well over a year)?

we’ve been quite well, thanks. kept ourselves busy with writing/recording x’ed and touring as much as we could.

Last year was another momentous year for Tera melos- You released your record  X’ed 16 April 2013- gaining some incredible reviews and your record made majority of our favourite band’s best release of last year (which you see at our rad releases 13 special) and you made it into our top releases of 2013. The response has been fantastic but how do  you think your record has been received?

the response has been great. people have been very receptive to our desire to want to explore new sonic territories. i think you have to be pretty opened minded to begin to understand our band and music, so by default our fans are generally accepting and excited to see where we decide to take our music.

When we last spoke during your last European tour in 2012, you teased us with a few new tracks from the then forthcoming ‘ x’ed out’ release. At that time you had recorded a few bits but were a while off the final thing- With regards to the album x’ed out  we would love to know the ins and outs on this release. Firstly describe your writing process and how you’ve managed to get to the point of another standout album.

well the writing process was a bit different this time around. with patagonian rats we were still learning to play music with john our drummer, who at the time was new-ish. so there was a lot of full band rehearsal. we discovered each other’s musical personalities by logging lots of hours of jam time. for x’ed out we felt comfortable enough to do the email thing- i would formulate guitar parts by myself and then send off the ideas for the other guys to play around with and sort out. then we’d get together and smooth everything out. it seemed to work well. it had a lot to do with musical trust.

What does the final finished album personally mean to you and what do you feel it captures?

to me it accurately captures what we had floating around in our heads before we even started writing it. i think it’s a great melding of strange, avant garde musical ideas with a more traditional pop format. it’s what i imagined the band being when we first started tera melos in 2004.

Who makes up the songtitles?

i generally come up with song titles, trying to keep them relevant (sometimes in obscure ways) to what the song is about, either lyrically or musically. “slimed” is not about slime lyrically, rather it has a very slimy feel.

 You fuse a lot of genres, sounds,  a lot of ideas and ways to project your voice. Living with a pedal enthusiast and someone always looking for a new tone and new sound of some description are you happy with your current projection or are you looking to experiment even more in newer compositions?

i’m always excited to experiment with new sonic ideas and structures. i’m sure our next record will be a good example of this.

 In October of last year you released X’ed Out (The Remixes EP)  with remixes by Fang Island, Zorch and Nick- how did this come about?

we just like reinterpretations of our songs. moreso than remixes, the ep is actually more like re-imaginings. we had our friends take elements of our songs and create brand new songs out of them.

Your fan base is enviable to others, you’ve got dedicated listeners and bands who survive due to being inspired by your band- how does this make you feel knowing the work you create is constantly aiding others?

it’s very satisfying. i think people feel connected to this band in a special way, a connection that might not resonate with other types of groups.

So with regards to touring- you’re on the road right now and travelled to Europe at the end of January and throughout February and into March playing over 28 dates. What are you looking forward to during your tour this time around?

since it’s our third time to UK and second time to mainland europe i’m excited to be here without the stress of diving head first into the unknown. europe feels more cozy now. we know what to expect. it took us a really long time, as we’ve mentioned previously, to make it over here. so now that we’ve done it a couple of times i feel like i can relax and focus more on music and performing.

Are you playing any new cities you’ve yet to explore?

there are a few places that are new to us- ukraine, bologna and slovakia come to mind. but it’s mostly returning to cities that we’ve played before and are hoping to establish our band as a neat experience that people will want to re-explore whenever we come through.

During your Last UK tour you teased us with new material – Have you guys been working  on anything new since your April release and have you recycled any old tracks into your setlist?

we have exactly zero new songs haha. although based on the amount of improvising that happens during our set every night you’re bound to hear something new. there are a few older songs that we’ve worked into the set that seem to go over well.

Is there a particular track that you all just love to play?

we put a lot of thought into what songs we play on tour. it’s a mostly democratic process. so by the time we play are first show of tour we’re excited to play every song in the set.

You guys tour hard, You’re on the road month’s at a time, you perform every night with the same passion, intensity and great workmanship. What is it that you each get from touring life?

we just enjoy spreading our music around. there is obviously something much more tangible we get to observe when presenting our music in a live setting, as opposed to someone just downloading our record at home and listening to it in their car. we can see how people react to certain songs and parts. we can talk with people after the show. traveling by way of music is just a special, unique thing.

With regards to your live shows, you really do play such diverse shows. And you manage to hold your own style and certainly your own ground. Do you feel confident in what you project?

yes. we always want to be getting better. someone told me in scotland the other day that they’d seen us three times and that this time was the best. we’re confident in what we project, but we’re also confident in wanting to get better and push the envelope.

 We’ve seen you all across the UK from Stone Cold Jane Austen’s gig (first UK tour) back in 2011 in Birmingham, to an all dayer by buttonpusher (alright the captain, aulos, cheap jazz support) in Nottingham in 2012 to The Fleece in Bristol. With an extensive range of UK dates this year we are seeing you at Jealous Lovers Club show in Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach- (not stalkers, just fans honest!)- You’ve previously described what tera melos is like live in our in-depth interview. But can you describe to your fans what your live shows hold in only one word. Really sell your shows.

well you could see us 100 times and we wouldn’t consider you stalkers. i mean, that’s just what it is to be a fan right? i’m not sure how to really sell our show, especially in one word. it’s not something we think about. i guess i’ll use the word “imagination.”

How do you find the UK DIY scene compared to that where you are based?

it’s very similar actually.

Is there anything touring wise you plan to do differently this year? Whether it’s more days off to explore, more pedals to use?!

hm, well we only have two days off. one was in dublin, and we did get to do a fair amount of exploring. so that was great. we have another day off in copenhagen/hamburg. our tours always differ from previous go abouts. so i’m sure things will be different on most accounts.

Other than your tour here have you got any plans left for the year ahead?

we’re doing some spring touring in the states with a very very very cool band. as of now it hans’t been announced, so you’ll just have to wait and see.

We wish you all the best during your tour and hope it’s as awesome as always. Before we leave you have you got any last words?

a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.

It’s Always A Pleasure!!- Look forward to seeing you live later tonight in Cardiff and we will talk to you soon- as always thank you.

We urge all of our readers to get  to one of their shows- you will not be disappointed, trust us.

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Photography- Oli Montez
Interview – Naomi Preece

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