PENTI unveil new single

February 12, 2014


Isdiri Misti Sini, PENTI’s new single, the videoclip filmed at home with the stop motion animation technique It’s the titletrack song of the debut album “Isdiri Misti Sini” the new single of Marco Porcelli, aka PENTI, italian composer of Trani.

The artist has also created a videoclip available on the youtube official channel at:

The video was filmed at home by using approximately 600 shots with the stop motion animation technique used in the film to give life to objects or puppets .

“I think this is the second song I’ve ever made with this project, music for soundtracks. I liked the phrase Asa Nisi Masa mentioned in the Federico Fellini’s film 8 & ½ and I have come to mind the words Isdiri Misti Sini. The song is different from the rest of my repertoire that is largely instrumental and to accentuate this I chose a different setting from the previous clip, no open space, no landscape but only the four walls and looking around, I’ve found some objects in the house as barrettes, lamps, a bed, an alarm clock and others to whom I have given the file with the technique of stop motion. The sequence of images does not follow any logical thread, as well as that of the invented language of the song, I leave the listener space to any kind of interpretation and mental association (Penti). ” In 2012, Marco Porcelli, aka Penti, starts his new sound project of music for soundtracks.

Music project alternative rock, indie, ambient, music for soundtracks. The songs are sung in an artistic language, communicate in the territory of emotional borders and put himself alongside hearing peoples of different lands.

Surreal landscapes of the five lines who live in lands where a new evocative language is expressed in primordial tribal chants and notes the passing of time in which the listener translates into a parallel dimension, exploring Mars of Bradbury, Fellini’s dreams, Wenders’ heaven. Before recording debut album, Penti collaborated on the soundtrack of the series broadcast by MTV this fall football betting “”Where the grass doesn’t grow” and on the short movie “Nicola scientist” by Mario Bucci. “Isdiri Misti Sini”, Penti’s debut solo album released November 23, 2012 by PORP a journey of 12 tracks among which sounds reminiscent of the expansion of Sigur Ros, the minimalism of Brian Eno and the psychedelia of Pink Floyd. The album is defined by the musical critics as “a little gem”, “album mazing.”

A February 2013 is selected from 12 artists from his region and participates with a track of the album in the last compilation of Rockit magazine dedicated to the music of Puglia. Since February 2014 “Isdiri Misti Sini Tour” starts and he brings his music live with an amazing set of music made in sync with video installations.


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  • Reply giulia February 13, 2014 at 9:47 am

    great artist!

  • Reply vale February 28, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    big PENTI!

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