Joie De Vivre and Prawn Split Out Today via Count Your Lucky Stars and Topshelf Records

February 11, 2014

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Joie De Vivre and Prawn Split out Today via Count Your Lucky Stars and Topshelf Records

Now Streaming on Washed Up Emo


Rockford, IL’s Joie de Vivre and Ridgewood, NJ’s Prawn will release a new split today via Count Your Lucky Stars and Topshelf Records. The split is now streaming on Washed Up Emo:

Heading up side A with 3 new tracks, Joie de Vivre’s songs were recorded and mixed by Mark Gustafson at MIA Studios in Rockford, IL. The B-side features 2 new songs from Prawn, which were recorded at their home studio in Ridgewood, NJ.

The split was engineered by Prawn, mixed by Gregory Dunn (Moving Mountains) and mastered by Dave Downham (Up, Up, Down, Down, Into It. Over It.) from Gradwell House.

Order the Joie De Vivre/Prawn split via Count Your Lucky Stars ( or Topshelf Records (

What others are saying about the Joie De Vivre/Prawn split:

“Joie De Vivre and Prawn both revel in understated melodies, jangly guitar chords and a pleasing sense of melancholy. (4/5 stars)”- Alternative Press

“Both Prawn and Joie De Vivre are huge parts of the current emo wave but at different ends of the spectrum, JDV with their perfect Midwest, heartfelt songs and Prawn with their more epic, almost post rock influences. But together they sit seamlessly next to each other which makes this split EP very easy to listen to again and again.”- Is This Thing On?

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