John Bassett announces new album “Unearth”

February 22, 2014


John Bassett announces new album “Unearth”

John Bassett (the singer, songwriter and producer of UK Progressive Rock Band KingBathmat) will release his debut solo album on March 31st on Stereohead Records with worldwide distribution through Code 7.


“UNEARTH” is described as “a darkly lush collection of 10 finely crafted acoustic songs that inhabit a melancholic progressive dreamscape”

“UNEARTH” combines elements of Progressive Rock, Psychedelic folk within the structure of classic songwriting.

John Bassett Bio
John Bassett is an English multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter and producer from Hastings, East Sussex. Primarily known for writing the music and producing the critically acclaimed albums by Progressive Rock
act “KingBathmat”. He has so far released seven albums since 2003, with the last few through the record label Stereohead Records.

The last two album releases “Truth Button” & “Overcoming The Monster” have recieved much acclaim throughout the Progressive & Alternetive Rock Communities leading to reviews and features in national magazines such as “Classic Rock Presents Prog”, “Shindig”. Bassett’s songwriting is characterised as being ”endlessly inventive, leaving you guessing what’s going to happen next, with plenty of harmonies and big hooks“.

2014 sees Bassett releasing his debut solo album, an album on which he exploits the songwriting skills and production techniques he has acquired over the last ten years to their full potential.

Recent releases by John Bassett have recieved glowing reviews

One of the most impressive releases I’ve heard this year” – popmatters

There’s something in the sea air in Hastings that has turned prog ingenue John Bassett into one of our scene’s most prolific protagonistsProg Magazine

“Kingbathmat are one of the most exciting bands that get labelled prog on the scene at the moment, and as this album proves they are so much more than just a prog band.This is an album you need to listen to, on headphones, in one sitting, so you are immersed in its majesty. Faultless.”Classic Rock Society

one of the very best progressive releases this year, one though completely unique in voice” – Ringmaster Review

If your looking for one of best modern interpretations of classic progressive rock, KingBathmat and Overcoming the Monster is hidden gem.” – Dangerdog Music Reviews

Imagine what Sabbath would have been like if they collaborated with Porcupine Tree, Spock’s Beard and The Mars Volta”, “positively bursting with talent, full of innovation and musical dexterity” – Echos and Dust

This is what KingBathmat do best, inventive prog the leaves you guessing what’s going to happen next, with plenty of harmonies and big hooks” – Powerplay Magazine

If Kingbathmat keeps up with productivity levels and particularly delivering killer songs, there is no telling how much they can achieve” – Infernal Masquerade

imagine the Seattle grunge scene of the early 1990s having gone majorly prog.  A bit of Soundgarten, a bit of Screaming Trees, etc.  This is better.  Much better” – Progarchy

A highlight of 2013” – Musikreviews

It’s an absolute pleasure, and could be construed as ear sex…” – Metalmouth

A beautiful work that should enable the quartet Hastings to be on the list of my favorite albums at the end of the year.” Auxportesdumetal

This is undoubtedly their high water mark; creepy, tense, energetic, psychedelic, thoughtful.  A complex yet triumphant journey that any music fan needs to take.” – Headwarmer

As strange as the name Kingbathmat may be it’s a wonder it’s not bandied about more often in prog rock circles and internet discussion groups. These guys are just as killer – if not more so – as the bands they’re often compared to” , “Sure to make my list as one of the ten best albums of 2013.” – Prognaut

it is a monster of an album” – hallowed

I think that just about any fan of prog rock will find something to like about this album” – Progrocket

Just like its predecessor, Overcoming The Monster (2013) is a very good example that Progressive Rock mixed with more ‘modern’ approaches can be made. Sometimes bands end up copying themselves when it comes to this ‘modern prog’ and all of them sound the same. When it comes to KingBathmat, they’re quite unique in what they do. And you have to respect them for that! Highly recommended.” – Progshine

KingBathmat could well achieve the completely irrelevant rarity of having two of their albums in my top ten this year”, “KingBathmat is a synonym for open-minded creativity. Unlike some prog bands whose seriousness can be overwhelming, this band manages to inject intelligence, humour and levity into their song-writing, thus enabling them to share their music and making it a joy to experience” – Ave Noctum

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the musical ideas of Bassett and co, it is difficult to predict how the course of musical events develops? Maybe that’s why “Overcoming The Monster” is so addictive and intriguing. 9/10” – Rockarea

A classic in the making!” – Liverpool Sound & Vision

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John Bassett Facebook
Stereohead Records

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