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February 1, 2014


For fans of… Atari Teenage Riot, Le Tigre, Nine Inch Nails
Fantôme is Hanin Elias (ex Atari Teenage Riot and founder of Fatal Recordings) and Marcel Zürcher (Die Krupps). Their debut album, It All Makes Sense is a beautiful new wave, shoe gaze epic illustrating the story of a woman in touch with her emotions and scars. She gets up after every knock down and keeps on walking into the rising sunshine. It’s set for release on 17th February 2014 via Snowhite.

Fantôme recently released the free album track ‘Scream’. It went up exclusively on The Quietus but is now available to download via the ABoF Soundcloud page.

The video for Fantôme‘s recently released single, Love is available to watch now on YouTube.


It All Makes Sense, for the most part, was recorded with analogue instruments (guitar, bass, drums and piano) by multi-instrumentalist Marcel Zürcher with Hanin Elias’ vocals showcasing melancholic dreamy melodies and authentic lyrics. The album has a cozy sound that creates intimacy. Influences such as Leonard Cohen and flavours of My Bloody Valentine linger throughout most of the album. The combination of the duo creates a sound that is strong, dreamy and forceful.

Opening track, “Future Heroes”, provides a slow build up before deftly showing its hand with an explosive chorus that blends choppy guitars and bass with an industrial live drum track. It’s a strong opening that sets the tone for the album, with throbbing electronica and fallen-angel vocals fused together to create a speaker thumping collection of songs that fare just as well on the dancefloor as they do your stereo.

The album features a free bonus track, a Lorenzo Montana remix of speaker shaking album track, “The Key”, featuring scream queen Asia Argento on vocals. It transforms the track into a dirty and sensual descent into industrial techno that’s sure to whet the appetites of long-time Atari Teenage Riot fans.

Just listen to It All Makes Sense and it will all make sense.

It All Makes Sense is released February 17th 2014.

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